What Volkswagen car series choose good? Thousands of civilians price of the new Bora, you deserve!

VW series too choose what Is good? Thousands of civilians price of the new Bora, you deserve!

There are a lot of Volkswagen’s Automobile brands, but there are a lot of Cars, people in the Car when you can choose to purchase price according to their needs, hundreds of thousands of that Is more civilian-oriented family Car, but hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen Cars have a lot of money, so people in the choice of the time, often do not know which one Is better choice to go up!

So today to give you on the newest PolarIs, in fact, thIs Car Is especially suitable for young people driving, because it’s just from the looks of it in fact, still quite avant-garde fashion. Then in order so that we can better understand, I Will be subdivided into the following several small ways to introduce it! Hope to be able to help some of you want to start Bora Car faithful!


Bora improved new generation of wheelbase and the wheelbase between the front and rear sides, makes the whole Car look more biased in favor of a coupe, the front face Is still a popular classic style, grille and headlamps mutual integration, making the entire front face looks more spacious Car, the new Bora model has been on the side of the modification, have more high-end properties, and the Magotan Volkswagen used the same sideways.

Bora whole new generation of front side effect of using the headlights of the split, so that the arrangement between each light more split, and the front face add a radar detector, so that the Car can be optional parking assIst system, so a lot of novice drivers were able to perform better parking. The trunk Is used in a small size of the tail board, not only the whole Car look more stylIsh, but also very sporty.

in the control

whole new generation of Bora, and Sunny interior features more similar in the control design, for the orientation of the center console design Is more biased in favor of the driver’s seat, allows the driver to better control the vehicle. 8-inch multimedia LCD screen using the newest operationMake the system better able to make people in the process of driving, using some entertainment tools as well as the vehicle control, and control buttons in the control area of ​​vehicle design Is relatively organized, it Will have a variety of key functions are divided different areas, so that people can see at a glance the keys they need.

Material and space

the seat Is used in conjunction with another embodiment of the two materials, so that the whole Car the seat looks more sporty, but also in the main driver’s seat also adds electrically adjustable, so that people are better able to adjust to their seats. Rear seats and rear ordinary conventional vehicles Is not the same, it uses three separate headrests, rear seat passengers can enable staff to have a more comfortable experience, but the rear seat Is equipped with two USB charging port, you can let the back of the staff can conveniently charge.

Because the Car to enhance the wheelbase between the front and rear wheels, so the Car’s rear space Is more abundant, even the larger size of people , sat in the back we can still have plenty of space.

as well as power consumption

The Car has a choice of two engines, and engines for each one It uses a turbocharged way technology has improved, so thIs Car Is still relatively ample power, fuel consumption Is also more eye-catching performance, one hundred kilometers from 6 to 7 oil, fully meet people’s daily use.


The new Bora Car, the Car uses a turbocharged, so the whole Car overtaking speed and Is basically not much pressure, four person family Car, then space Is relatively abundant, but the dIsadvantage Is that the Car since the seat fabric and leather used in combination with, such that the whole Car looks slightly a little lower level, but the price of thIs Car Is one hundred thousand Cars can be considered the conscience.