What type of car seat cover? The last driver to admire old

Now, almost every household has a Car, own Car, of course, Is to take Care of. Many owners also like to install a Car seat on their own to buy a new Car, in order to better protect our leather Car seat. But many owners do not know, there are also many different types of seat covers, and today we Will take a look at three types of Car seat covers.

a, all-around sleeve

all-around sleeve generally leather seat cover, more expensive, ranging from 2000 to 5000. All-around sections into three pairs of Car seat covers full package, a headrest, a seat back, a seat, it Is possible to achieve the full range of the shielding cover. Some choose fabric seat when the Car owners Will choose to buy leather seat cover full surround improve the grade of the Car seat. Leather seats for the idea of ​​protecting the owners of the original leather seats can also be installed. But the all-around Car seat cover may block pop airbags, owners need to pay more attention to driving safety.

Second, the narrow version of the seat cover

Is a narrow version of the seat cover on the basIs of the all-around sleeve improved, also called half-sleeve surrounding the wrapped position becomes small, namely, the headrest, the intermediate portion of the backrest, the seat, the airbag Is exposed eject position, relatively inexpensive, and more secure than all-around sleeve comprIsing sex. But the all-around sleeve relative terms, ability to protect the seat of decline, the exposed part Is still subject to wear in everyday use in the Car. Further, compared with all-around fabric sleeve for the dIsguIsed leather seats, a narrow version of the seat cover hide the secret anyway, so openly modified with more vivid patterns become more beautiful, without attracting less beautiful people.

Third, invIsible seat cover

invIsible seat cover seat cover Is the latest product, before the full surround seat sets, narrow version of the material using substantially the same sleeve, and sleeve stands invIsible invIsible sleeve Pascal function Is using advanced technology, using micro molecular composite coating to protect the leather Car seat Is invIsible stealth’s new seat covers, Car Will not take up space, not shadowLoud pop Automobile airbags.

invIsible seat cover pay more attention to the protection and maintenance of genuine leather. Its validity can last 2 to 3 years, so long-term resIstance to dirt, wear-resIstant, corrosion-resIstant, anti-aging, anti-white, anti-fade, in addition to the two front seat covers with tangible protection, part of the quality function there are invIsible odor sleeve feature, the seat can be removed leather odor.

invIsible sleeve Is invIsible, narrow version of the sleeve not as natural as to achieve an aesthetic effect on the pattern, but it can nourIsh leather seats, it has become Yingrun gloss, another way to achieve an aesthetic effect.

Car Is we work hard to make money bought, Is an important recognition of the results of our work, the owner of the Car Is also very natural treasure. Car seat covers in the choice or should pay attention to what Is. Above describes three kinds of Car seat cover, I do not know which one best suit you mind it? The final choice Is still the hands of the owners, go and pick the right hIs Car seat cover, open a new Car home life!