What one hundred thousand yuan to buy a car? Several cars are a lot of people’s first choice, buy no regrets

Recently, the United States released by the Federation in May 2019 passenger Car sales data. According to statIstics, in May 2019 the narrow passenger Car sales of 1.803 million, the chain fell 0.4%, SUV lower than the growth rate of Car. At the same time, in May and June vehicle sales into the traditional off-season, many Car companies and dealers began to cut prices, thIs would have become consumers purchase opportunity.

According to consulting amount of users, thIs week we chose New York BJ40 for everyone, New York Automobile Chi Chuan GM6, hippocampus S5 youth version, Chang’an CS35, Chun sent CX65 five Car for comment, to see exactly how their performance?

New York BJ40

official guide price: 12.98-18.98 Wan

recommended for: 4 stars

advantage: with a “wolf 2” look tough domineering New York BJ40 lease of life. From the product strength, the appearance of the magnificent, the interior Is also people’s blood surging. And in power, there Is BJ40 New York 2.0T + 5MT, 2.3T + 6AT two power train, maximum horsepower respectively 204Ps, 250Ps, maximum torque of 280N · m, 350N · m, together with four-wheel drive, ground potholes, steep mountain road Is a piece of cake, it Is suitable to Tibet.

drawbacks: some feedback from users, the Car engine turbine at start relatively late intervention. Meanwhile poor sound insulation of the vehicle, plus the narrow market audiences are unavoidable point of groove.

New York Automobile Chi Chuan GM6

official guide: unlIsted

recommended for: 4 stars

advantages: Chi Chuan Chi Chuan GM8 GM6 followed the design style, using the currently most popular headlamps Danfeng shape, Gun wing family front face, floating roof, that it gives a steady throughout taillights lacking vitalityfeel. Yes, high color value Is consIstent with its evaluation of many media. In addition, the use of seven Chi Chuan GM6 layout, the main domestic MPV, Will be equipped with innovative technology, these are commendable place.

Cons: not lIsted models can not say a product defect, but GM8 poor sales, said it was a lot of media coverage in the play hungry marketing, and now the situation Is very embarrassing. GM6 Will not take the old road, everything Is still unknown.

hippocampus S5 young customized version

official guide: 5.98-9.08 Wan

recommended for: 4 stars and a half

advantages: first look at the appearance, outside the debate Is relatively high, but the feedback from users point of view purchase It Is like thIs alternative, not cookie-cutter feel. Look powertrain selectively 1.6L + 5MT / 1.6L + CVT, maximum horsepower 122Ps, maximum torque of 160 N · m, when starting the engine Is very smooth. MinIstry hundred kilometers 6.5L, people are satIsfied with the data. In addition, space Is big, users describe it Is: the amazing before and after the big row, back row can also Alice hIs legs. At the same time, the high version models have the same level of rare panoramic sunroof, electronic parking brake, cruIse control, high version of the panoramic camera, these configurations won the consumer favorite.

drawbacks: some users feedback, and tire noIse muting the Car Is not very good, however, the price arrayed here, the operator may be at the same level.

Chang’an CS35

official guide: 6.89-9.29 Wan

recommended: 4 stars

advantages: high cost, there powertrain 1.6L, 1.5T two engines, matching 5MT, 4AT two kinds of shift Cartons three options. As a small SUV, the space to do very well, there are users feedback, driving position, the second-row space and high comfort. In addition, in the configuration,In addition to the low allocation they are equipped with cruIse control function, which Is rare, greatly improving the comfort of high-speed driving. With models and Automatic parking into place, loved by the driver.

shortcomings: in contrast to the same level models of, CS35 trunk Is relatively small, users reflect not contain too many things. Has been on the market for over a year, now it looks more moderate appearance of the second half to lIsting of the new color to the improved so much deserve, worth the wait.

Chun faction CX65

official guide: 6.89-7.69 Wan

recommended for: 4 stars

Pros: thIs Is a civilian station wagon, exterior and interior design Is pleasing, with sedan comfort as well as high adoption of SUV’s. ChassIs ground clearance Is high, do not worry about bad roads underpinning when they go out to play. As a station wagon, a natural space where users value, trunk volume 610L, the second-row seats recline the Car can be extended to 1503L, it Is suitable for bulky items are placed. In addition, such as ABS / ESP / EBD / EBA / TCS and other security configuration have achieved a whole system comes standard, which Is hard to come by.

drawbacks: There Is a full-line power composition 1.5L + 5MT, used to open the manual transmIssion does not have to wait. Maximum horsepower 115Ps, weak power feedback from users, compared with the initial meat.