What more beautiful decorations inside the car?

Now Car owners, in addition to good decorative exterior outside the vehicle, the vehicle also for interior decoration Will be beautiful. Moreover, the interior decoration of vehicle owners to enhance people’s lifestyle and fashion Is very helpful, but also assertive owner’s personality.

we can choose to put some ornaments Car in the Car. For example, we can put some of my favorite ornaments on the top of the center console. If you’re a basketball fan, then you can place or Slam Dunk NBA star ornaments; if you’re a lovely girl, you can put some cute animals or their favorite ornaments idols. And in addition to the ornaments, we can hang some of the hanging pieces, such as in the rear-view mirror set some of their favorite hang hanging pieces, you can also hang security and peace peace symbol. As a result, not only the interior atmosphere better, but also more in line with our preferences. But here to remind the main problem Is that we have chosen the hanger volume Is not too large, not blocking our view, the best choice for some small hanging pieces, do not put our vIsion blocking the road.

we can choose to install the Car seat lights. We can choose to install the Car seat lights, border lights and so on. These decorative lights inside the cabin, the cabin Will become bright colors at night. Let’s say you go on a date, open the Car interior decorative lights, then you Will definitely feel loved Ta very romantic. But to show that we can not install the light intensity Is too strong interior decorative lights, because if we install a light intensity Is too strong interior decorative lights, it Will affect our driving vIsion at night.

bumper sticker Is a very good choice. Now Car stickers not only for little girls, and some Car stickers Is suitable for middle-aged men, we can choose the right Car stickers affixed inside the compartment.

Finally, we can choose the right Car accessories to decorate the vehicle compartment, so that our cabin becomes more beautiful.

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