What kind of car most face? Interviewed say these things a certain luxury cars Less!

Not only are the travel tool, but also a people pursuit of material symbol of the pursuit of quality, of course, drove a face ah, although the Car Is not very expensive, but the price of the Car, after all, at least tens of thousands of blocks should start over.

a little bit ordinary, a little better than 50,000 Is too easy, and for most families or spending a small fortune, able to afford Cars are not that much money, but certainly not poor.

joint venture a lot of Cars, Autonomous Cars also a lot of good-looking Car face, expensive Cars have a face, a joint venture vehicle more face, What kind of Car was that most face?

luxury Car Is the favorite to open the rich, can be used to full facade, ah Porsche, BMW ah, lIstening to trench gas, luxury Cars Is the capital of pride, what Is a luxury Car?

luxury Cars in appearance on the possession nice atmosphere advantage, form must be ahead of the mainstream beautiful, body must be very large, so it seems the Car a lot of weight.

Car body structure has been unable to express the meaning of thIs big, you must buy thIs SUV as tall body in order to highlight great.

must be suspended roof there, Land Rover luxury Car boom opened the suspended roof, with double exhaust pipe, dual exhaust pipe Is more athletic.

suspension must buy the Car roof ABCD that column are blackened, it seems to fall off the roof, you should give collapsible the kind of vIsual effects.

hub must be very large, exaggerated enough.

must be used with a luxury Car looked like a luxury Car, luxury Car such as our public spokesperson on public Taihe breeze outstanding learners.

I steal the divIsion apprenticeship skills also good, so we all drove a luxury Car!

so that everyone can drive on the road tiger, Is a good Car !

must be used with a luxury Car looked like a luxury Car, luxury Car such as our public spokesperson on public Taihe breeze outstanding learners.

luxury Car to like who it ?

which Is like the most expensive who, for example, I like the Land Rover luxury Car.

my Porsche and lay the gun Is not?

reflects the appearance of the feeling of luxury Cars, the interior can not fall , multifunction steering wheel must be, above the steering wheel buttons and no less, as much as possible, it seems like there are a lot of functions, so that only scientific and technological content.

in the control large screen can not be less, much how to plug, Is best able to give the entire center console add, if not big enough, it must be suspended on the control panel.

the seat must be leather, leather or not, it Is to leather, the interior of the suture to be very much, it seems to work fine.

sewing leather, leather wrapped interiors have large areas of ah, looking at texture, many places to make a soft, leather or not Is not important, important Is the look texture on the line.

must be more chrome bar, to a large panel, center console, the steering wheel, the door must insert into these glitters, shiny.

the panoramic sunroof big kill no less, though you do not have convertible roof, but there must be an open-air roof, but must be open very large, in order to achieveThe effect of open-air convertible.


final configuration to be very large, electronic handbrake, electric seat, turbocharged and so on, these requirements are true, then it Is a flawless Car!