What Is the hIstory of the most classic car model Is?

Automotive hIstory very classic models what it Is?

Xiao Bian thought Automotive hIstory more so in the classic Car models: Jetta since July 1, 1992, FAW-Volkswagen environmental trends in the United States launched the first model – Jetta already have 27 years of hIstory to Carry out.

Since the 1997 revIsion of Zhixin, people joked Wang Jetta.

officially off the assembly line in 2006 Jetta, Jetta in people’s image of rugged durability, many average family Car of choice for procurement.

resulting from a 2019 Jetta models a brand name in the public’s eyes seemed nervous and so on, the new Jetta or accepted public PQ25 older areas of the field, technology Is relatively backward, Entertainment poor construction soon.

domestic brands in the domestic environmental trends are everywhere, Jetta whether to keep hIs or her position to let us once and brave!

Wrangler can not exaggeration to say that, adhering to the American off-road Jeep Is the essence of a very good Jeep models, derived from its predecessor in 1944 by the Jeep CJ series models launched until in 1987, code-named the Jeep YJ officially lIsted. After

years, Wrangler TJ series available in 1997, instead of the classic round headlights headlights CJ-series models.

Carried out after 10 years of hIstory, and in 2007 cut the new JK series on the market, it’s the essence of the Jeep brand sport utility vehicle to legend, all the cross-country obsessed with every person, become cross-country who’s obsessed with the classic. Pentium Pentium G-G Is more elegant than the Wrangler. 1973, G-level Pentium company plans to mold the very beginning, and in the German coalfields, the Sahara desert and even the Arctic Circle held a number of experiments, six years through frequent experiments.

1979, a first Pentium G-Wagen (code W461) official line in Graz, Austria factory, assemblyPart-time realized almost entirely by hand, while on the surface it all with a straight line composed of square shape Puzhi positive, showing its domineering very tough weather. In 1990, 11 years later, Pentium, code-named W463 G-Wagen promotion and improved surface plan, save a classic overall shape, making it more delicate, more sharp, it Is precIsely thIs generation models so that fans all over the world cross-country remember it.

Cayenne in years 2002 Geneva show Cayenne debut, which Is not participating five kinds: Cayenne, Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S and Cayenne GTS. As a Porsche, the Porsche sports Car company to produce super famous, although it Is an SUV, but it does not work the heart has spared many characterIstics of a sports Car. Porsche 911 “Porsche 911” Porsche in Stuttgart, Germany opened a sports Car, born from 1963 to date, seven-generation model, with its weird style and outstanding global reputation for durability, it Is all over Germany and even the whole one of the world Is very legendary sports Car, but also on behalf of one of the rear-engined sports Car.

Tianjin Daihatsu: Bread taxi very early in 1984, the domestic Automobile environmental trends in short supply, Tianjin Automobile Factory put six generations to introduce Japan’s Daihatsu Hijet850 domestic environmental trends, just three years later, followed by environmental trends of the domestic Automobile muster, Tianjin Daihatsu its low-cost, affordable advantage, quickly Carry out a range of annual output of 20,000 in the future, to see the big yellow hair its many advantages Is used for taxi, which, in 80 years, it has become very common Car on the road.

Hongqi CA770: the legendary “domestic Car” generation through the years to Carry out, Is undoubtedly one of the Hongqi CA770 Hongqi environmental trends very classic models. Red Flag CA72 and CA71 spring to as “precursors”, CA770 was born in 1965, to Carry out the hIstory of the Automobile in the United States, not only the classic plan and improvement of trade links adminIstered, it Is a qualitative in terms of performance, quality, etc. across and promotion , lay one of its legendary “domestic Car” position.

great philosopher Hegel already said, there Is reasonable. Xiao Bian that, classic Cars Scheme therefore can perhaps become a legend, partly because not forget the early heart and loyal at first, and on the other hand Is the hearts of the majority of fans totem energy dictates, it Dousou endless angry and angry , probably thIs that Is the charm of a classic Car place