What Is the car’s suspension system?

refers to the suspension between the vehicle body and the tire and a suspension spring support system of the entire composition. Suspension system should function Is to support the body, improve the ride feeling, different suspension settings make drivers have different driving experience. Looks deceptively simple suspension system integrated a variety of forces determines the stability, comfort and safety of Cars Is one of the crucial components of modern Cars.

Automotive suspension can be divided by a variety of forms, generally divided into two categories, non-independent suspension and independent suspension. Then how to dIstinguIsh between independent and non-independent suspension suspension it?

(1) non-independent suspension: The non-independent suspension of the wheels mounted on the axle ends of a whole, so that when the operation side of the wheel runout, it Will affect the other side beating wheel also make appropriate, so that the whole body vibration or inclination. Take thIs Car suspension system Is generally smooth and comfort the poor, but because of its relatively simple structure, large capacity, the suspension used for trucks, buses and other ordinary special vehicles.

(2) independent suspension: axle divided into two independent suspension, each wheel Is independently mounted coil spring below the frame, so that when one side of wheel runout, the other side of the wheel Is not caught, the body greatly reduced vibration, Automotive comfort Is also to be greatly improved, especially in the high-speed road travel, it can also improve the Car’s driving stability. However, thIs suspension structure Is more complex, small capacity, but also the associated drive system of an Automobile steering system becomes complicated. Most Cars have front and rear suspension uses independent suspension form, and has become a trend. Independent suspension according to the structure can be divided into horizontal arm, vertical arm and MacPherson like.

The new 4-link front suspension system used for luxury Cars, it Is transported throughPrinciples skillfully movable traction, braking and steering force of separation, while giving precIse steering control of the vehicle. 4-link suspension system can be seen in the Audi A4, A6 and Chinese Cars.

increasingly focused on modern Car ride comfort, comfort that consumers tend to buy the Car as an important measure. In fact, the Car ride comfort factors in addition to the degree of plush seating, and other support forces, the relationship Is the largest Automobile suspension system, it Is the mechanical force transmIssion connection between the frame and axle on other properties, such as travel security, through, stability and adhesion properties have a significant impact.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)