What car to buy Valentine’s Day to send hIs girlfriend? These high-value cars Yan, certainly like your girlfriend

there are two days, February 14 Valentine’s Day Is coming, if the boys have prepared the Car to send hIs girlfriend? So the question Is, what type of girls like Cars, you really understand it, huh? Easy to buy a bouquet of flowers, send a simple ring, sent a delicate moment lipstick also beat the boys. However, if you consider the Car to send hIs girlfriend, then you really need to understand their aesthetic preferences. Most girls love to Cars, are generally more concerned about the appearance, if you plan to send the Car, it Is recommended to start looking fashionable color value type Is redoubled. 3 Car models such as the following in the girls it seems, very engaging, in line with the aesthetic preferences of girls, Valentine’s Day selecting one of these vehicles to take hIs girlfriend, she must like it.

VW – Beetle

MSRP: 17.88-25.58 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

girls like how kind of Car? We are not concerned about the boys engine dIsplacement, manipulation, space, chassIs and other conditions factor, but the design. A Car can be recognized girls, 99% probability depends on whether the designs are dynamic personality, Is beautiful, whether bright paint fashion. On the market, Is there such a Car, very consIstent with the aesthetic of the girls, it Is the Volkswagen Beetle.

what words to describe the appearance of the Beetle Is more appropriate? When the next buzzword “stay Moe” word Is very vivid description of the Beatles style. Power, which Is provided 1.2T, 1.4T two engines, the matching and 7-speed double clutch gearbox, the maximum output horsepower 105,150. Since only 4278mm overall length, therefore, in the everyday Car it Is very easy to ride, handling parking.

BMW – BMW 2 Department

MSRP: 26.38 – 339 800

In fact, gifts are also skilful way too clever to send Degui better to send Valentine’s Day to send what kind of Car to hIs girlfriend? You can also follow thIs rule. Most girlsThe basic concept Car not to (in addition to stylIsh sports Car), so just right to send more than send a luxury Car to make love. BMW 2 system Is such a Car, 26 million can buy early, the top model Is less than 340,000 yuan. As a BMW 2 system has two four coupe / convertible soft-top Car, stylIsh and good-looking and pull the wind, the Car Is very consIstent with the positioning of girls.

2-based BMW 2.0T + 8 equipped with a speed manual gearbox, the maximum output of 184 horsepower, the power for daily use, and can take into account fuel economy. Valentine’s Day Is approaching, to curry favor hIs girlfriend, under circumstances not bad money, BMW 2 system Is definitely a good choice.

Lexus – Lexus ES

MSRP: 29 – 483 000

Lexus ES design Is very beauty of the Orient, a unique grille, with silver chrome frame, creating a sharp and high-impact front face style , very fashion, very young killer Car, for girls, appealing also very large, therefore, Valentine’s Day to send hIs girlfriend want to buy a Car, the Lexus ES highly recommended. Although power no color, but the color value Is outstanding, outstanding quality, based on these two points, the Lexus ES has been very mojo.

Of course, Lexus ranked in terms of quality Is absolutely capable of front-end, as Toyota’s high-end brand, quality workmanship higher than the Toyota requirements more stringent. So, as a mid-size luxury sedan ES, quality clearance, high color value, as a daily means of transport Cars, the Lexus ES Is highly recommended.


Valentine Buyers guide, going to send a Car to hIs girlfriend, requirements stylIsh, value Yen outstanding personality of the Car, above the 3 models Is the market leader, and Is consIstent with the needs of your position, it Is recommended to buy. As the boys you, Valentine’s Day arrived, the money you ready?

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