What are the drawbacks panoramic sunroof car in the end there? LIsten to an analysIs of insiders, almost regret it!

What are the drawbacks panoramic sunroof Car in the end there? LIsten to an analysIs of insiders, almost regret it!

As we all know, Will only appear in the original skylight ho Car, to have a Car with a skylight into many people’s dream of luxury. However, with advances in Automotive technology, as well as the growing demand, skylights and slowly began to change as a panoramic sunroof. Indeed, almost became the standard panoramic sunroof. Here take a look at that panoramic sunroof in the end what’s the charm?

Compared to the panoramic roof skylight, the area becomes larger, typically 0.5 to 0.8 square meters, a larger area than ordinary skylights, lighting can better.

say things beneficial to have dIsadvantages, panoramic sunroof that it dIsadvantages so what? If I had known thIs, certainly not to buy a Car with a panoramic sunroof, the following look at its various drawbacks together.

First, insulating properties worse.

In the hot summer, the temperature inside the vehicle with a panoramic roof skylight models Will be no higher than the inside temperature favorites. Even panoramic sunroof with a layer of shielding fabric can not withstand strong sunlight. Without panoramic sunroof roof itself has a very good insulation.

Second, the roof abnormal sound.

Because the panorama sunroof must slide when in use, however, if the slide Is not clean in place, the residual sand, dust Will produce abnormal noIse. Also, slide use over time, there Will be rust.

Third, due to the potential rIsk panoramic sunroof.

as more and more panoramic sunroof with electric closing a window mode, although with anti-trap feature, but it requires a very large reaction forces to make anti-trap enabled. If the reaction force Is not big enough, pinch function basically useless. The original watched a video, a smallChild with hIs father for a ride, because their own Car panoramic sunroof, therefore, the children began to ride directly open sunroof, even standing on the seat. After playing for a while, for unknown reasons, panoramic sunroof begin to close Automatically. Just stuck in a child’s head on the sunroof. Although the reaction force encountered, however, the reaction force Is small, simply can not prevent the closed panoramic sunroof. Fortunately, the child father react in a timely manner to avoid the tragic occurrence.

Finally, although many models equipped with a panoramic sunroof, Car dealers boss has repeatedly recommended, but still advIse their own, practical first. After all, there Is the panoramic sunroof, people’s vIsion Will be wider, better early than to see those shortcomings, or else I almost regret buying.