What added stress of car interiors have?

For many Car owners, like to add some in the Car interiors to decorate your Car, what are the considerations that have it? We Will explain in detail today.

1. Flooring adhesive. Many owners are worried about the Car’s Carpet was stained, Will be covered with sets of plastic, in fact, thIs Is undesirable, if the rubber production, but off it, it Is easy to produce harmful gases, closed-Car environment, harmful to the body.

2. Perfume. Many owners like to put perfume, but a lot of cheap perfume quality, but off, the Car Is likely to cause environmental pollution, impact on health.

3. Buckle. As we all know, a lot of vehicles have seat belt warning system Is installed, and once not wearing a seatbelt, Will sound the alarm, just like a lot of people hate, install seat belt buckle, which was very dangerous, still strapped in comparIson Safety.

In summary, interior decoration must be safety first, should not be too large too long, should not block the view, safety first, oh.