What a sign of a flat tire, you know it?

is the most basic parts of car tires normal driving, the car is in motion one of the scourges puncture caused a major traffic accident, but there are signs in the front tire puncture, grasp these signs can effectively reduce the probability of a puncture, causing punk crisis. Because it can effectively reduce the harm, so we often use the car tires.

do not put their own safety to tires to control, to control their own destiny. Next, know that four signs before the next tire puncture, and finally introduce the most dangerous.

1. Tire pressure, tire pressure normal running of the car is 2.3MPa ~ 2.5MPa, but the same tire pressure drop in the winter, summer, becomes high (thermal expansion and contraction), and now most car dashboards tire pressure is too high, or too low as the risk of a puncture.

2 tire wear standards, changes the target shows the tire. On the road, then easy to slip, force small handle, especially particularly significant in driving rain, then there is a risk of a puncture in severe cases.

3. The tire sidewall serious cracks or damage, clearly visible cracks and fine cracks proof tire aging, the life expiration, the tire needs to be replaced. Otherwise there is the risk of a puncture at high speed.

Fourth, the tire blistering, bulge, non-bat relatively easy to find, but hard to find Tuolai De package, difficult to find a vehicle traveling on a slippery road, the tire may bulge. If this happens, it is difficult to find, can not immediately repair shop to check tire failure, only the threat of their own lives and safety, there may be a threat to other people’s lives.