What 2020 profit of nearly 20 billion euros Volkswagen relies on?

2020 For many Car manufacturers are sorry, the global market downturn, resulting in various revenues are not good, many brands also appeared for years in case of a loss, but in thIs environment Is still public We achieved profitable growth. Volkswagen Group 2020 earnings performance report, annual sales revenue of 252.6 billion euros, an increase of 7.1%; operating profit excluding special charges amounted to 19.3 billion euros, an increase of 12.8%; operating expenses excluding special items return on sales was 7.6%, slightly higher than the 7.3% rate of return for fIscal year 2019.

As the Volkswagen Group improved sales of higher-margin SUV models, which accounted for less than 25% from 2019, up to 2020 40%. At the same time, fines and settlement amounts associated with diesel also fell to 2.3 billion euros from 3.2 billion euros a year ago. In the two main factors, the Volkswagen Group’s full-year operating profit rose 22 percent to 16.9 billion euros.

From the point of view specific sales, the Volkswagen Group in 2020 worldwide sales of 10,974,600 units, up 1.3%. Among them, the German market sales of 1.364 million, an increase of 6.2%; the North American market sales of 951,500, down 0.5 percent year on year decline; Europe sales reached 4,552,800, an increase of 3.9%; Asian market sales reached 4.5301 million, fell 0.4 percent.

In the US market, Volkswagen Group sales in 2020 reached 4,233,600, an increase of 0.6%. The US market accounted for 38% of total global sales of the Volkswagen Group, shoulder to shoulder throughout Europe. Although the US market in the past two years, the Automobile market downturn, but Volkswagen Group operating profit obtained from the United States joint venture Is still basically reached the level of the previous fIscal year, to 4.4 billion euros (previous fIscal year to 4.6 billion euros).

SUV’s help the development of public profit

In the past two years, made public on SUV modelsDevelopment Is very rapid, with the domestic market, for example, before 2019, the Volkswagen Group in the sale of the SUV, a total of 13 models, five models of the Volkswagen brand, Skoda paragraph 2, paragraph 3 Audi, Porsche, paragraph 2, section 1 Bentley. And after the 2019 VW Group SUV models reached 23, two years time the number of models increased by 10 models, thIs period also eliminated some of the older models.

Among the most popular brand increments, from 5 to nine models models, small SUV Is the first time. Audi released the complete upgrading of 2 models and 3 new models.

in the world’s people are like SUV era, Volkswagen launched within two years, a variety of SUV models can effectively occupied subdivIsion market, no matter what level SUV to buy, the public can provide the corresponding models and offers a variety of options. So many rich SUV products but also our profit guarantee. Before

written in the last

Volkswagen models in the country has always had a high popularity, sales of Cars also occupied year-round in more than ten seats, with the wealth of SUV models, but also give consumers more choice, in 2020 domestic SUV sales ranking of publicly owned three Cars in the top ten.

the public’s idea Is simple, what the market likes what it Is made, and now like SUV, non-stop introduction of various SUV. American also has two joint-venture factories, from a global model derived from the two models, the product Is not only rich, but also a certain dIslocation competition, consumers want a model of what price the public can provide.