Wells Fargo Securities Intelligent Vehicle Index (LOF) net up 1.40% Stay tuned

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financial fund September 18 hearing Wells Fargo Securities Intelligent Vehicle Index (LOF) fund in September 17 rose 1.42%, at current prices 1.624 yuan, 530,100 yuan traded. The current net value of the Fund OTC 1.6620 yuan, ring up 1.40% over the previous trading day, the venue was -0.90% price premium.

The Fund is an equity fund can be listed exchange-traded index funds, financial fund data show that nearly 1 month net fund fell 4.37%, net of nearly three months of this fund is up 13.60%, nearly 6 month net up 24.59% of the Fund, the Fund’s net nearly a year rose 52.90 percent, since the establishment of the cumulative net value of 1.6620 yuan fund.

of the Fund since the establishment of dividends 0 times, total dividend amount of 000 million yuan. The fund is currently open subscription.

fund managers Zhang Shengxian, since February 16, 2016 the fund management, revenue office during the period 66.20%.

The latest report shows that fund on a regular basis, the fund’s largest holding sophisticated telecommunications legislation (the proportion of positions 5.58%), Wingtech technology (the proportion of positions 5.02%), three flowers ITES (the proportion of positions 4.88%), letter-dimensional communication (the proportion of positions 4.71%), Kymmene technology (open interest ratio of 4.68%), Vail shares (the proportion of positions 4.60%), ZTE (open interest ratio of 4.39%), the wave of information (the proportion of positions 4.35%), Chinese domain car ( open interest ratio of 4.13%), Shanghai electric shares (3.98 percent the proportion of positions).

fund during the reporting period investment strategy and operations analysis

At the beginning of 2020, the central bank cut the deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points, the first phase of the Sino-US trade official signing of the agreement and other news lifted under , market optimism ahead of fermentation. The end of February, affected by the global spread of the epidemic to accelerate, United States and Europe and other developed countries have sustained stock market fell sharply. Entered in March, OPEC talks broke down, the single-day drop in crude oil as high as 30%, while the further spread of the epidemic overseas, global capital market panic down, illiquidity situation, multi-national stock market decline due to excessive usher blown. In late March, the governments and central banks to increase efforts to rescue the market,Fed quantitative easing which opened uncapped significantly ease the liquidity pressure on the market, the market panic has been effectively alleviated. In early April, by the impact of domestic fiscal and monetary policy stimulus should be oriented to the consumer, pharmaceutical and other sections the first to rebound. In late May, two of the country was held as scheduled, fiscal expansion announced the meeting in line with expectations, but the unpublished GDP target, lower than some investors expected, so the market periodic adjustments. In early June, due to the US non-farm payrolls in May it announced a substantial improvement, exceeding market expectations, driven by global market stocks rebounded sharply. Into late, the central bank cut 14 days reverse repo rate by 20 basis points, continue to release a moderately easy monetary policy signals, while continuing northward substantial inflow of funds, the overall appearance of A shares rose significantly, which GEM or larger. Overall, the first half of 2020, the Shanghai Composite fell 2.15%, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rose 1.64 percent, the GEM futures rose 35.6 percent, the China Securities 500 Index rose 11.33%.

in the investment management of the Fund to take a passive index fund management strategy fully replicated, using artificial methods to quantify and manage the combination treatment fund daily operations of large purchase and redemption and other events.

During the reporting period the Fund’s performance

As of June 30 2020, the fund shares is 1.581 yuan; the cumulative share of the net value of 1.581 yuan; the reporting period, the net value of the Fund shares an increase of 27.50 percent over the same period performance benchmark rate of return of 24.54%

managers brief look macro economy, stock market and industry trends

Looking ahead, on the whole, due global liquidity is still relatively abundant, the major economies will continue to introduce large-scale economic stimulus plan, the economy is still expected to gradually recover, so the market is still expected to continue to enhance risk appetite. Into the fourth quarter, with the US presidential election into the critical moment, Sino-US relations could once again become the focus of attention of global capital markets. From the style point of view, as the economy recovers, the market is expected to stage style switch, underestimate the value of the cycle, the blue-chip sector is expected to obtain the relative gains. In the medium term, the market is still the main line of science and technology, consumer and pharmaceutical industries on behalf of the direction of economic transformation.