Wei Lan practical to send the owner of the car guide

travel, not only to explore the unknown, gain inspiration, and we look forward to the most intense encounter the true way. However, the total dIstance to be poetry and boring tie him down two first-line, real hurry daily. Rolle text of the owners, the Volkswagen Import Wei Lan wagon Is not just a Car, but also the balance of feelings and life, so that he can stay in the chase for himself in the thought a moment, and tap the philosophy of life of the ordinary.

brIsk pace, being a pleasant complex

for many people, the station wagon Carrying the infinite love of life, but of struggling back and forth office workers, only to learn and fun to explore the unknown in a boring in order to keep a brIsk pace. Roll paper work Is rigorous foreign staff, suit, fast and sharp, but in life, he was filled with hope and excitement of a quasi-Daddy treat a larger role both contrast and practicality Wei embrace both the comfort of hIs right to be a balance.

Rolle Wen frankly, “Wei Lan Is selected taking into account the problems in paternity travel, the older generation more inclined SUV, but only the exterior looks great, interior space Is not spacious than the sedan. prior to pull off the computer chair, sedan can only put the back seat, Wei Lan, then placed directly on the trunk line. “Wei Lan wagon rear seat support 4: 2: 4 ratio, and a down key recline function, the luggage compartment of a vehicle comprIsing stocked potential can be freely changed between on demand 650L-1780L.

In addition to the spacious driving space, Wei Lan wagon comfortable configuration also allows Rolle text relIsh. Department standard ergoComfort ergonomic chair, and can provide good support for supporting the driver, the driver effectively relieve the fatigue. In addition, three areas individually controlled Automatic air conditioning comes allergens filters, effectively filtering the air. Roll paper was tested in the API vehicle inner circulation mode, PM2.5 concentration Is almost zero, a call Is absorbed into a fresh and comfortable.

hearts and sincerity, to life the most primitive pulse

poetic life not only from the outside in exploration, refining Is also reality, everyone yearning for freedom and the dIstance, but hard work Is the true nature of life. The text of Rolle, life in the “struggling” also hidden poetry and dIstant.

Rolle text love photography, but also specializes in monotonous find a better life, for the appearance of the Car, he not only Care about color and line, pay more attention to the beauty of harmony in design. Rolle Wen said: “Wei Lan Is the Volkswagen family, classic Cars, and now Is already the eighth generation, the slender body of both sporty and fashion sense, waIst straight handsome, high retention rates.”

like all 90 owners of excitement and adventure, like “power” Is an important consideration Rolle anthology of Car. Wei Lan wagon Is equipped with third-generation EA888 engine based platform to build 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, the real 6.9 secondsNow hundred mph, plenty of power to complete the reduction of Ashkenazi dripping fun driving experience. Rolle Wen said: “My favorite as well as its DCC dynamic chassIs system, can adjust their own driving patterns in urban road I usually choose the comfort mode, the shock filter feedback steering wheel and chassIs are very good, dynamic response to movement patterns. Is also very positive, there Is no pressure in the second general way about the mid-size Car. “

Rolle text, although not really a technology house, but always with Wei Lan to hIs surprIse, “Car phone with touch screen map, bring a lot of convenience for the trip, traffic safety Is also higher.” phones mapping function (App-Connect) supports both Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink, Baidu CarLife, more in line with US consumption use those habits. Owners can also be networked Car by Volkswagen (Volkswagen Car-Net) to achieve the call, online, remote monitoring three types of services, want to go the dIstance as if in front.

pragmatic and rational, walking in the ordinary to encounter surprIses

life do not need fancy frame of mind, to find their own space in the difficult and tedious fun, the income now embrace a single minute It Is the most practical approach to life. Rolle Wen Wei Lan or members of Car lovers, “every day, a zest for life Is not easy, in my eyes Wei Lan owners are rational and pragmatic people.”

mentioned reasons had chosen to import Cars, he admits, Wei Lan wagon active and passive safety more complete, the whole system comes standard with dual front airbags, driver knee airbags, side airbags and front and rear head curtain airbags, front and rear parking sensors, electronic stability system (ESP). “Low-speed emergency braking system saved me once, one evening at the crossroads turn, my speed Is very slow, but did not see the electric Car through, click on Wei Lan stopped to help me, very hanging, came close to hit. “Speaking of thIs experience, the lingering fear of Wei conceal hIs embrace of trust and gratitude.

in addition, he Is also very optimIstic about the ACC adaptive cruIse control system Wei Lan, the system can Automatically identify and control a safe dIstance from the vehicle in front of, “I sometimes the rings with the Car, it Will use thIs function, quite peace of mind. “

life Is like a bustling street, more and more people keep a smile in between busy, but the fact of life everywhere scenery of life enthusiasm Will not easily stop flowing in the reinforced steel frame. At thIs point it Is better to remove their armed nest on Wei Lan wagon seat, fitted with a trunk full of joy, a link to where you want to make more of a complicated life behind aftertaste sweet.

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