Wear with anything related to automobile parts, you know

parts in the engine wear and relations unstable conditions (mainly Automobile engine operating conditions in thIs work) work under, long ago attracted the attention of the majority of scientific researchers. However, under bench conditions, the actual road conditions reproduction engine work, there are many difficult and more important Is the lack of can in a relatively short period of time, an objective evaluation method for measuring the wear value, which prevents similar the nature of the work performed. When Wear forties and fifties, or homes in the solid metalworking conditions, or to speed and load conditions to work stepwIse change.


Original ordinate in units of kg / cm 2 seconds error. Ze’s a method, only the possibility can be studied in a variety of conditions. Once completed the study load engine or crankshaft speed in a very narrow range, changing work in unstable conditions, wear parts, which corresponds to the engine rotational speed or the stationary load. Also studied the various uses of diesel excavators, worn in unstable conditions change.


studied the relationship between engine parts wear and changes in working conditions in the Soviet Union Institute of 3M3-21A Car, they are while changes in working in unstable conditions, speed and load over a wide range and constantly changing, it actually includes a base under conditions of use in all possible variations in the range of Automobile engine parameters unstable conditions the design of a device which can stand under the condition that the engine in an unstable condition 3M3-21A work, to some extent, a simulated Automobile engine operation conditions. Arrest of the engine and the change of load conditions, Automatically by a substantially smoothly continuously changes sinusoidally Carburetor throttle valve Is opened and while varying the amount of water supply to achieve the dynamometer speed and torque curve Is continuous , together with a time stamp, which can determine the speed of change and the changes of the angular acceleration of the engine crankshaft torque.


according to the engine test cycle. In each cycle, the engine speed and torque hunger starting from the nominal value and continues steadily increased to a predetermined value, thenDown to the initial value. In each cycle, the cycle speed and load change Is fixed, and Is equal to 35 seconds, 68.5 seconds or 135 seconds. 5 cycles each cycle. In each cycle, the maximum load of the engine Is respectively 0,25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. In all cycles, the same range of the rotational speed of the crankshaft, from 600 rpm / min to 3000 rev / min. The duration of the cycle of unstable conditions, conditions for obtaining evaluation from parts wear strength considerations, provIsions in all cases Is 10 hours. Tests conducted a total of 15 stages, which Is the difference between the maximum torque and the periodic change.


Accordingly widely given test conditions may comprIse relatively wide range, i.e. the engine in unstable conditions, may the scope of work changes. At the same time, work to change the engine cycle 35 seconds, can be seen as strengthening Cars driving conditions in the city, or traveling along a dirt road engine bad working conditions, at thIs time, causing the engine operating conditions change often and rapidly . Cycle of 135 seconds, corresponding to a very smooth ride conditions, close to the narrow line along the road. Was added 15 stages unstable conditions of the test, for comparIson purposes, and were tested in three stages stable working conditions, each test set when the total rotational speed, the same time interval, comparing to 68.5 seconds for the cycle cycle, no-load fuel consumption per hour and 75% load and 100% load.

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