Wading depth of the car in the end Is how much? Do not be mIsled by the “old” common sense

Lead: For more tips on Car Car every day? For the latest information about the Car every day? It’s still hesitant about, seize the attention I click on the upper right corner. Hello everyone, I’m the second-lying Cars. Summer, rain Is inevitable, you can always recent rainstorm. So today small and everyone chat about Cars wading maximum depth of thIs problem.

a house, a Car, a dog also travel a say stay away. ThIs Is more than dream long life. The dream Is good, but unfortunately the reality Is cruel. Every day Will be around fuel vinegar tea overwhelmed. Especially after a Car, they often have their own “second wife” maintenance. VIsible We love Cars.

especially thIs summer, when it rains, but essential, and with the pollution of the environment, now motionless on the next large or extra large storm . Resulting in many urban roads water. Wading depth of the Car in the end Is how much? Do not be mIsled by the “old” common sense

do not know when to begin, the driver circles to spread, the maximum height of vehicles wading It Is best not to exceed the exhaust pipe of the Car. OtherwIse likely to cause water from Automobile exhaust pipe into the engine, resulting in damage to the Car. I Will not speak of thIs right, starting with the safest point of view, thIs Is no problem, honestly comply with thIs knowledge, the Car Is a big problem does not arIse. Sometimes the rain can be very deep it?

In fact, the Automobile exhaust cylinder pressure Is great, otherwIse the high velocity combustion gasoline Automobile engine are not dIscharged from the exhaust cylinder. From thIs point both rain over our Car exhaust pipe Is no problem, because there Is pressure there Is, the rain Is not going to enter our Car exhaust pipe.

also said not to exceed the vehicle chassIs or Car tires 1/2, almost Is about 30 centimeters, we often say it! In fact, these are cautious performance. In fact wading depth than thIs Car to be much larger.

depends Car wading depth of thIs problem, but it Is still mainly depends on the air intake of the engine Car, the mouth Is generally under the hood of the Car, and usually high engine than a Diudiu it! So the Car wading depth of thIs topic, as long as it does not exceed the hood of a Car are relatively safe.

While wading depth of our vehicles Is relatively high, but when we daily driving, in case of large-scale water when still need to be Careful Oh! If the Car when wading, recommended that owners linked into low gear, slow over the water, slowly step on the gas, if the water level Is too deep experience, he did not grasp the start, then it Is recommended that power Is turned off the Car, in a timely manner find the appropriate agencies for help.

In thIs regard, how do you see?

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