VX stardom prototype Will debut in New York Auto Show large SUV

[Automotive News(www.audatex.cc)] Recently, we learned from stardom official Cars, the brand’s medium and large SUV– stardom VX prototype Will debut Nov. 22 opening of the 2020 New York Auto Show.

Previously, we have obtained a declaration of VX information stardom. Family continued appearance of new Car design, the front face assembly at a large polygon network, the network consIsts of three internal thick chrome composition, with a sharp left headlight group, it Is the full momentum. The online unit set up across the front chrome trim and engraved with the EnglIsh name –EXEED stardom, recognizable high.

Founder rear styling tough, sometimes with the popular traversing LED taillights, and bilateral total dual exhaust tail large black lip movement stressed Young orientation of the design.

dimensions, the length and breadth were Starryland VX 4970mm / 1940mm / 1795mm, wheelbase Is 2900mm, a standard large SUV body. The seating layout using the formula 2 + 3 + 2. Configuration, would provide VX Starryland panorama sunroof, high-definition cameras look around 360 °, privacy glass, reversing radar configuration. Depending on configuration, the new Car Will employ different styles of the hub, chrome side, surrounded by the front fender and the like.

Power, the VX Starryland mounted 1.6T turbocharged engine. TX Starryland reference to which the maximum power of 145kW (197PS), or a peak torque of 290N · m, transmIssion aspects or seven-speed double clutch gearbox match. (Article: Automotive News(www.audatex.cc) Wu Yu early)