Volkswagen’s first pure electric coupe exposure! 600 km endurance, modeling Bitesila to the force!

VW’s first electric coupe exposure! Life 600 kilometers, the new model Bitesila back to power!

Speaking of you are familiar with Volkswagen, we can say recently whether the new Volkswagen Lavida, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Magotan, or new Volkswagen Touareg, Volkswagen Tiguan, Aung mass transit, have achieved very good market performance, but compared to these traditional fuel models, more recently, from a Volkswagen’s first electric coupe, also attracted the attention of many drivers concerned, the not only with a Car like the Volkswagen Golf hatchback models similar style to design, and panoramic sunroof as well as the appearance of sci-fi feel full, too full of charm, for vehicle mileage, the Volkswagen also has a new message, thIs the new electric Car from Volkswagen coupe, mileage has reached 600 kilometers, it can be said with incense. Super strength and we are familiar with the basic fuel vehicles in line, and the new style gives the impression of new energy vehicles than the classic Tesla also to the force.

was exposed during the recent cleverly dIsguIsed as “Opel Grandland X” of “Volkswagen ID.4” prototype was tested in Sweden. Although the original concern of motor racing event in 2020 Geneva Motor Show has been canceled, but the “Volkswagen” Is still in gradually release “Volkswagen Touareg R” and “Volkswagen Golf GTD”, “Volkswagen Golf GTI” information for the first time after the external unveiled concern “Volkswagen ID.4” mystery.

As the “Volkswagen” brand following the 2020 Frankfurt Motor Show premiere of “Volkswagen ID.3” its “ID.” The second family of electric vehicles members, “Volkswagen” original choice to replace the Geneva Motor show 2020 live online publication activity in the first time publicly the preliminary information Is still subject to the production version of the concept Car “Volkswagen ID.4”. According to the original statement “Volkswagen ID.4 “can be considered in the 2019 New York Auto show concept publIshed works” Volkswagen ID. Crozz Concept “production version, in addition to the continuation of self-ownership” Volkswagen ID.3 “of” ID. “family of electric vehicle design elements and more nowadays Will cater to consumer preferences appearance combined with excellent performance of cross-border rendering.

Although “Volkswagen” factory not dIsclose the details of performance and battery life information “Volkswagen ID.4”, but still revealed the “Volkswagen ID.3” uses the same group dedicated to build electric Cars are specially developed under MEB platform, “Volkswagen ID.4” in excellent aerodynamics and energy technology as a strong backing, Is expected to reach at watch 500 km endurance test at the latest WLTP standards, of course, “Volkswagen ID.4” Will also have the MEB platforms inherent low center of gravity and a spacious vehicle interior space.

According to “Volkswagen” brand chief operating officer Ralf Brandsttter statement Is expected to come out before the end of 2020 the “Volkswagen ID.4” the future Will be produced in Europe and North America, Will initially be set to rear-wheel drive four-wheel drive version of the follow-up Will be an additional choice. And by “Volkswagen ID.4” and “Volkswagen ID.3” such as “ID.” Electric Vehicle family of products launched “Volkswagen” We also hope to reduce one-third of Carbon dioxide emIssions in new Cars by 2025, and then reached the 2050 years and Carbon targets.