Volkswagen’s decIsion obey the development trend of the car, made it difficult for consumers to accept

In order to present the people also blue sky, great efforts at national environmental governance. Full implementation of the “coal to gas” from the beginning of the countryside to the number of heavily polluting small businesses, small workshops were closed down; to emIssions standards rose from the limit line of restricting the number of Cars to the country’s six emIssions of the most demanding strict; from through the purchase tax cut half to support the Automobile industry to recover to 10% purchase tax and Automobile manufacturers into law any better a little jig. In recent years, countries in environmental protection effort really down deep, but environmental governance can be resolved not happen overnight, we need to be achieved through long-term effective way.

With the rapid development of the traditional Auto industry, Car ownership in the United States has become the largest country in the world, the annual growth rate somewhat too fast, plus some stimulus, making the Car ahead of overdraft spending power. ThIs also resulted in domestic Car sales thIs year, following the first time in years of negative growth. Traditional fuel vehicles more and more obvious can not keep up with the times, one environmental problem, the second Is product differentiation Issues. New energy vehicles more and more attention, since thIs year the pace of development of new domestic energy vehicles also like gangbusters, like BYD, Great Wall, Geely and other independent brands have launched these new energy vehicles.

called Volkswagen Is the leader in the domestic Car, even in the world Automotive industry have an absolute right to speak. At the end of 2019, the Volkswagen Group strategy officer said publicly that Volkswagen Will launch the last generation fuel vehicles in 2026, to draw a conclusion on fuel vehicles. Many people have guessed, the public Will certainly be fought in the future of new energy vehicles. That Is, seven years later, consumers almost hard to buy Volkswagen fuel vehicles, which for most consumers, said the current difficult to accept. After all, the new Car Is capable electric vehicles, there are many problems could not be resolved.

short life pure electric vehicles, Question charging post problem, the problem battery life and so further charging Is not well solution, we now have for most consumers, buying a pure electric Car Is not realIstic. Although oil prices Is indeed faster, but for the average consumer when buying a Car more than 90% of the basic fuel are still consideredCar.

Volkswagen strategy officer Michael said that although the current electric Cars exIst a series of problems, but these problems Will be overcome gradually . After all, electric vehicles are emerging Automotive module, there Is no problem but not normal, but these are Issues that need addressing Car prices, if these problems can only be solved have been unable to incompetence of the Car prices.

have to admit, the electric Car Is the future direction of the Automotive industry, as mobile Internet gradually replaced the computer access. More and more young people are preferring to take a charge treasure charging to the mobile Internet, the Internet also do not want to go home with a computer can stand a few days.

So the future of electric vehicles Will also gradually replace the traditional fuel vehicles. But thIs process Is long or short, consumers may have to accept a gradual process. While Volkswagen’s decIsion may seem excessive, but it Is also conform to the current trend of.