Volkswagen Why so popular in the domestic market? How it works Wang sales?

When it comes to most people like a domestic Car brand that Is the Volkswagen, Volkswagen sales in U.S. to reach 400 million units, accounting for about 40% of the global market, no doubt Is the Volkswagen Group in the uS Auto market Is very successful, we can easily find such Cars on the road, which Will have five 10 vehicles Volkswagen, Volkswagen sold so Why fire in the United States?

First, the first one reason, Volkswagen people understand the need for a Car, and for the Car has been improved. The most direct model Is the Audi A6L, and it Is time to enter U.S.’s Auto market, were modified extension Is to be able to meet people face and demand for space in the rear Car, the Audi A6 Is also the paragraph 1 of the US market as a luxury extended brand, thIs success Is also modified so that the world Car prices after the addition to the US market for the longer wave models.

However, Lavida also as a mass for the US special for the Car, Sunny has played the top spot compact Car, although in appearance design of more moderate but has a large space with low prices, it has been welcomed by the people, and Sunny in the US Auto market has been a “meat and potatoes”, even if the world champion of Toyota Corolla in the US market only Sunny half sales, the Volkswagen Group and Is based on the needs of the people of the country, specially tailored way expensive SUV, we can see you want to get welcomed by the market, we must make efforts in thIs regard needs of the population.

The second point Is that Germany, the country for the people the impression that Germany Is rigorous, the German people have a Germanic national spirit, especially in the face of the Car manufacturing process when the performance Is meticulous, made in Germany for domestic people also rose to the stage of the myth, as long as Germany produced goods, Will be sold in the domestic market, else they Will not speak German Car manufacturing technology in the world It Is first class, but the contrast with the other joint venture Car together, thIs would not have much advantage.

3 point Is the public feelings. I was the first to enter the publicThe country’s Auto market, and also gained a good reputation, when Volkswagen entered U.S.’s Auto market, due to the domestic Car has not developed, the overall performance Is not as popular Car imports, it was for the people the impression that Volkswagen very good, the good impression lasted until now, and now a lot of people, including family life, the first to go buy a Car you Will also prefer Volkswagen, generation after generation of older drivers Will publicize the advantages to Volkswagen novice drivers.

you for Volkswagen in the domestic hot sales Is how to treat it?