Volkswagen, Why do bad AT gearbox!

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mentioned most Willing to research Car prices, than Volkswagen, making it the fourth consecutive year to beat Toyota, the world’s reelection Car prices sales crown, but it did not AT gearbox, which Is Why in the end;

1, the most Willing to research Car prices?

According to PWC released 2019 lIst of global corporate R & D spending, Amazon for $ 22.6 billion in the first place, the parent company Google for $ 16.2 billion, followed by Volkswagen places $ 15.8 billion ranked third, amounting to over one hundred billion, which Is the only selected the top ten Car prices, compared to Toyota to invest $ 10 billion or more than 50 million called the most Willing to research Car prices;

2, Volkswagen sales in first?

It Is because of Volkswagen spared no expense to research and development, only to let it Yiqijuechen sales, from 2015 the fourth consecutive year of global sales crown Car prices where 2019 sales reached 10.83 million, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche has become the three pillars of group profits, especially the Volkswagen brand sales in U.S. reached 3.11 million, almost the sum of Toyota, Honda and NIssan sales in the three major Japanese brands, worthy said the best-selling Car brand (part of the original article, see San Mao Car starter, reproduced please specify);

However, Volkswagen sales amazing, get together to establIsh the main basIs of the Car brand on, because only with respect to Toyota and Lexus brands Toyota, Volkswagen Group, which owns two Volkswagen and Audi brand group, which under the jurIsdiction of the Volkswagen brand group Volkswagen commercial Vehicles, Volkswagen passenger Cars, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche Scania and MAN commercial vehicle eight brands, the Audi brand group management Audi, Seat, Lamborghini and Ducati total of four brands, which allowed up to $ 15.8 billion R & D, the utilization efficiency Is far Toyota has $ 10 billion so high;

3, Why do bad AT gearbox?

In fact, Volkswagen and Toyota’s R & D gap, in addition toMulti-brand development brings waste, but also that the public modular production, did not learn the essence of the Toyota lean manufacturing, especially respected in-time production concept, not only to highly versatile Auto parts, which reduces Automobile research and development and after-sales maintenance costs, but also let the dealer inventory Is always at a low level to avoid sales pressure and a sale occurs, the public in thIs regard far behind;

At the same time, Toyota also attach importance to build a complete Auto parts parts supply chain, covering the 16 top companies and a research institute, which AIsin Seiki Is the world’s top three suppliers gearbox, its most famous 6AT Automatic transmIssion gearbox Is almost occupied nearly half of the market, which not only allow Toyota to zero components have a priority right to use and cost less to buy higher-tech components, while those parts sold to other Car companies to earn high profits, even blackmail in order to enhance vehicle Car prices price, to enhance the cost-effective advantage of Toyota targets (ThIs article belongs to the original, the Car starting to see San Mao, reproduced please specify);

[12 3] at holding Toyota AIsin Seiki high pressure, the public Will undoubtedly become the biggest victims, it had to bypass the AT gearbox patents, research and development of technology in favor of a simpler dual-clutch gearbox, although the transmIssion efficiency advantages and intelligent obviously, but due to overheating power interruption, shift frustrated and intelligent fault and suffered frequent users attack, use far less stability AT gearbox, the Volkswagen Group has become the biggest obstacle to the next level, because the gearbox Is called The most expensive Car parts;

However, the public insIsted on the dual-clutch gearbox, Is being ushered in full bloom in the spring, on the one hand because the technology Is simple and inexpensive to manufacture, let it be Car prices the pursuit of cost-effective weapon, especially in domestic vehicles fueled by rIsing proportion; on the other hand Is wet dual clutch popularize the gradual elimination of overheating power terminal and shifting frustrated Issues, and with the intelligent vehicle progress, not only greatly reduce the double-clutch transmIssion box intelligent fault, but also let him in the vehicle systems integration occupy the first-mover advantage;