Volkswagen where strong, long-term suppression of Toyota? These points are critical

Volkswagen Is now the most common Car on the road, thanks to many aspects, such as its good marketing, high capacity, well filled segments and many more. In fact, word of mouth, a lot of Volkswagen owners want Tucao: small problems and more. In contrast good reputation, excellent quality models have many of them belong to the Toyota brand, often no one Is touted as “open not bad”, but such a good quality Car, the sales have been pressing Volkswagen do? There are several reasons it can not be ignored.

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first thing to mention Is the question of feelings, Japan and the United States the relationship has been not very friendly and even a few years ago smashed Japanese Cars of various events range, giving the left a very deep impression. When someone jokingly said: you hate a person, quietly in hIs Car plug a Japanese flag! It Is obvious that people dIslike of Japan. Therefore, in the background, regardless of blowing flowers Toyota sales Will not be good. The Volkswagen brand Cars as well-known mechanical power in Germany, Will naturally be recognized by many people, but also people’s impression of Europe has always been good.

then Is the problem of people applied to buy thIs type of Car Toyota, Volkswagen and now people are biased in favor of younger people, even many who Is the first Car in life. Young consumers are more biased in favor of high value and high color handling, while the value of Toyota vehicles Yen has not been an advantage, a few months before the market can be seen CHR and Yize Toyota has made great progress in thIs direction. Volkswagen family or heavy wind, but fortunately it’s family style in line with people’s aesthetic. Manipulation at the same level models, Toyota Is lost to the public, driving a Toyota Car just peace of mind, open resIstance, and the public Is cool to open up.

various degrees attractive vehicle configuration Is also one of the reasons. At the same price models, Volkswagen Will always be configured to be more than the Toyota, regardless of these configurations have not used, it has driven more older drivers to choose non-public. And in some detail Volkswagen Car Is dominant, it was said Toyota’s work Is the most sophIsticated, well, Xiao Bian also seen their own abundanceVarious joints smooth and perfect interior layout on the field of sewing and chassIs, Toyota repairer process Is really first class, but if some people who buy it on their luck elsewhere up. More efforts where the public can see to do, may be regarded as a clever took it.

analyzed the above points, you should now know to the public in terms of volume can Lidi Toyota , although both brands are well known. In fact, many people still prefer to Toyota, because although it Is handling in general, but really Is resIstant to open, the number of plants to repair much less mass than a lot of people choose the second Car Is Toyota. Toyota abroad, such as the United States and other regions Is still very fire, Is the traditional “Big Brother” status. With the concept of change, there should be more and more biased in favor of Toyota, especially now that the new energy background, Toyota as an absolute pioneer and leader in plug-in hybrid field, but also at an advantage.