Volkswagen: weekly loss 2 billion euros, only to make money in the US market

from the dIsaster are not aware of the place, most victims uncomfortable. Volkswagen Group near future may very well thIs sentence, the global outbreak of economic development to bear the brunt of a large fortune Volkswagen Group recently said, must spend a fixed overhead cost 2 billion euros per week, may in addition to the United States, other global areas without any new Car sales.

As the world’s largest Automobile manufacturing group Volkswagen Group in order to cope with the epidemic triggered by the economic crIsIs, have closed factories in Europe and the United States. When interviewed, the Volkswagen Group CEO Judith frankly said, “like the United States only to take strong measures to control the epidemic, we can weather the current crIsIs and avoid mass unemployment.”

epidemic crIsIs to a dramatic drop in global sales of the Volkswagen Group, February Volkswagen Group delivered 546,300 worldwide, down 20% in 2020 January-February two months global deliveries of 1.38 million, down 14%. Currently, only the US market also kept a little vigor, Volkswagen Group sales demand recovery in the United States to the level before the outbreak of around 50%.

United States contributed nearly 40% of revenue

in 2020, in the case of the Volkswagen Group’s global Automobile market growth decline under performance bucked the market trend, the annual revenue of 252.6 billion euros, an increase of 7.1%; operating profit of 17 billion euros, an increase of 21.8%. The The United States continues to be the single most important public market, accounting for annual sales of 38.6 VW 2020 %, profits tribute offered accounted for 25.88 percent, reaching 4.4 billion euros.

The above data sufficient to show the US Auto market has become the Volkswagen Group’s development center, no matter what happens, the Volkswagen Group Will not leave the United States. Leave the United States, means giving up profits, not to mention the epidemic has been effectively controlled in the United States, and overseas epidemic has intensified.

in the Volkswagen Group has 124 plants worldwide, the German native has 28, the public can now expand the scope of the plant has been shut down in GermanyLarge, downtime until April 9, the plant shut down all production in Germany involving passenger Cars, commercial vehicles and parts. In addition to Germany, the public in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Slovakia and other European factories also appeared in other parts of downtime, time Is three weeks.

The United States Is much more optimIstic about the condition of the factory, except Changsha, Urumqi factories, public facilities in the United States have been resumed, thanks to the US government’s strong measures to control the epidemic. US factories return to work to some extent eased the tensions Volkswagen industry chain, at least to ensure the delivery of US market production.

in the Volkswagen Group CEO Judith before the annual meeting expressed confidence and optimIsm about the US market, he believes America’s epidemic prevention and control measures to decIsively and accurately to ensure that the plant can quickly return to work to ensure the normal operation of the supply chain. “U.S. now basically been restored in factory production, affected by the epidemic, Volkswagen Group sales in the US could decline by 3%, but the full year, the US Auto market overall Is still a lot of potential.”

over 30 billion investment, betting on American public, optimIstic about the prospects for electric vehicles

optimIstic about the US public, not really talking about it. Before the November 2020 US Auto show held in New York, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America announced Fengsi Han,

2020 Volkswagen plans to invest over 30 billion expansion in the United States, where the proportion of electric vehicles to invest up to 40%.

In the new energy strong to seize the Automobile market situation, the Volkswagen Group began the offensive to the electric Car camp, Volkswagen 2020 planning 14 new new energy vehicle models lIsted in the United States. There Is no doubt that the American public Will see it become the success of electric vehicles an important factor.

2020 Volkswagen plans new energy vehicle sales in U.S. 300 000 2023 to have 10 models of pure electric ID, family models. Meanwhile, the New York Anting Volkswagen factory in New York and Foshan factory in the transformation and upgrading technology for the production of new energy vehicles, after the completion of two plants to achieve its objectives with an annual output of 600,000.

In addition, the new electrification strategy Volkswagen “goTOzero” also released in the United States, which not only shows the public the importance of the US market, the US Auto market also reflects the kind of public. Volkswagen hopes the United States on the one hand the production and sales profits provide support, on the other hand also hope that the US market for its long-term development of electrification lay the cornerstone.

position in the US Automotive industry Is becoming increasingly important, it involves the upstream and downstream industry chain output value has more than nine trillion for US tax contribution employment contribution of more than 10% for the entire US total retail sales of social commodities, Automobile accounted for more than 10%.

Recently, in response to consumer pressure to bring the epidemic, the government has taken a number of measures to boost Car consumption.

such as U.S. III emIssion vehicles and the scrapping of subsidies given; new energy vehicles adhere to the great loss guide; promoting rural Car replacement, specify the type of Car to enjoy subsidies; abolIsh second-hand Car limit migration policies to reduce second-hand Car VAT, etc.

local governments have responded positively and implement national call to encourage Automobile consumption, the introduction of a specific Automobile consumer subsidies and other policies.

New York for individual consumers to buy new energy vehicles 10,000 yuan per vehicle comprehensive subsidies to consumers replace or scrap used Car, regIstered in New York Car sales business Buy “national six” standard Car, given 3000 yuan per subsidy; Hangzhou thIs year Will be a one-time increase of 20,000 small passenger Car index; more Changchun City Car allowance of 3% naked prices, Car groups enjoy subsidies; Nanchang buy new Car subsidies 1000 yuan ……

stabilize the Auto industry, driven by Automobile consumption, crucial to the stability of the United States, expect the US Auto industry can hold in a difficult 2020, to smooth out the industry winter.