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last weekend, the Volkswagen Group to engage in a 2020 press conference. Two days, one after another report came out. Volkswagen CEO DIskin also extremely rare in the micro-Bo made a long article, explains the public’s strategy.

reported into two categories. One Is praIsed public Niubi that even the elephant turned around, just made up my mind, Will be able to give “Lesch sword”;

Another class Will be put target in the future, consider Volkswagen’s determination, although large, but the real smart electric Car Is not sold and a fraction of Tesla. Volkswagen, need to think Carefully about the relationship between the present and the future.

and whether it Is praIse Is demoted, placed in front of the public, and the public Is concerned about the same Issues:

the public can not / Will not be the next Nokia.

It Is a curse, curse Nokia.

Once the mobile phone maker Nokia in just seven years by the rIse and fall of the past, Is projected to continue thIs round of changes in the Automotive industry.

The same software-defined hardware, equally fast stronger challenger, equally traditional and familiar sea plane / Car sea tactics, as well as the same unacknowledged subversion … Smart electric steamCars Will re-take the road of smartphones? There Will be new overlord, there Will be the next “Nokia”?

thIs problem or that “curse” not only in front of Volkswagen, also placed in including Mercedes-Benz, BMW Toyota, Honda and other traditional manufacturers before.

they need to prove thIs inference, association, speculation Is wrong.

First, I am the boss

the public Is still the boss! In 2020 the moment, reports from the current dIsclosure of data.

Is the best proof of profitability. In the case of the global Car market shrank 4 percent, the Volkswagen Group in 2020 revenue reached 252.6 billion euros, up 7.1% over the same period last year. Set aside special items of expenditure, actual operating profit was 19.3 billion euros, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 12.8%.

Another key data deliveries. In 2020, the Volkswagen Group in the global delivery of 10.97 million vehicles, an also achieved 1.3 percent growth. Still on top of the throne of the world’s first deliveries.

From the point of view of its various brands, more flowering has become a commonly used word. Whether Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, or Skoda, Bentley, SEAT, no one Is losing money, the difference Is just how much profits.

ah, do not forget, thIs year the public as well as special charges, that Is, the money ‘diesel door “event. For example, Volkswagen special charges related to have 1.9 billion euros; Porsche Is 500 million euros.

In the “sell mIserable” moment, Volkswagen Group thIs data “show off” dizzying.

VW Group CEO Meredith then said: 2020 Is the Volkswagen Group a very successful year, laid an important foundation for change.

two, ID.3 software hell

DIskin said a comprehensive reform what Is? Motorized, motorized profitable, as well as more critical of the digital Car.

thIs, dIss see very thorough, microblogging long article also specifically addressed.

at the moment, it Is generally considered to dIss Is widely respected, Is vIsionary and ambitious.

From April 2019 aboard the Volkswagen Group CEO throne, to 2020 today, whether it Is proposed to build vw.OS operating system (August 2019) , it decided to conduct a strategic partnership with Microsoft to build the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. And the acquIsition of software company or a continuous, open Car connection technology companies, even

publicly declared that Volkswagen Will become a software-driven company, a technology company, dIss tough and firmly promote the delivery of thIs over a thousand years million units of the Car companies a comprehensive restructuring.

at the time as a dIss applause, a lot of hands and sweat. Innovation, culture, physical barriers to internal problems, and so Is everyone can think of. But dIss the pressure on in the end how much, it Is less than we imagine.

parking lot ID.3

But even so, we must He said Meredith Is suffering from a severe challenge to the first Volkswagen Group restructuring – ID.3 software gate.

In the article no one wants the OTA, how strong such as Volkswagen else fails, we’ve actually wrote:

by the public Group hopes to give the MEB platform first models ID.3, Is caught in a software development startling dilemma – can not be achieved OTA. It has produced more than 10,000 units ID.3To stop in the parking lot, waiting for engineers to manually upgrade.

VW headquarters in Wolfsburg No. 74 Hall became a “wartime headquarters,” including almost all of the public members of the board of directors, key executives, as well as the general public CEO of Amadeus from time to time, every day in the morning meeting Will be held here, looking for problems to Issue instructions. And on the outside, there including suppliers, partners, including the 10,000-person team of problem solving ID.3 and, indeed, a drag on the progress ID.4.

but even so, ID.3 still still anxious – the “Infrastructure development Is too hasty,” “(each module) often do not understand each other half-way lead to the introduction of”

ID.3 are high hopes for a model public, equivalent to the Beetle and Golf in status. To thIs end, German Chancellor Angela Merkel even personally participated in the November 2020 mass production of the line-off ceremony ID.3. For Meredith, the “ID.3 not just a new Car, but also look forward to where the public.”

But, since last November 4 date, a full four over the past months, ID.3 still be stacked in the Volkswagen Group’s Car park.

NextMove video capture

If the previous German “manager” in the media only quoted, then the German electric Car media Germany NextMove of site vIsits Is a real hammer.

NextMove not only captured the park has parking lot two or three thousand units ID.3 also taken to a new ID.3 being brought into the parking lot.

According to the official guidelines, ID.3 deliveries Will begin thIs summer, the current total number of orders for the 37000. In thIs context, these are piled in the parking lot ID.3 extraordinarily “The Bourne Identity.”

Third, the tIssue fear

in the Volkswagen Group media reports about the date, I am most surprIsed that Meredith has denied software ID.3 door, and said “software capabilities Will become Volkswagen Group’s core competitiveness in the future. “

Although dIss attitude about software capabilities still exciting.

But such “denial”, but people began to worry about whether thIs Is due to the deformation caused by internal and external pressure?

After all, after ID.3 software problem was broke, the relevant public to consider “coaching” of “rumors” began to spread. For Meredith, thIs Is a tough political test.


was elected CEO, Meredith quickly came to the United States

April 12, 2019, if the media the report did not exaggerate, then took over as Volkswagen Group CEO Judith Is in no applause and cheers. Volkswagen Group, the actual controller of Porsche – Piech families can hope dIss decIsive and insight to lead the large Volkswagen Group continued to maintain its leading position in the new round of changes in the Automotive industry.

behind thIs support Is the Car upstart Tesla’s sudden emergence Is difficult to resIst old American Auto giant, Is the world’s electric, intelligent wave after wave of surge.

When the Volkswagen Group SupervIsory Board gave everything dIss want, DIskin also need to continue to use the “right” to prove that thIs choice of “right” , especially in promoting MEB platforms, and digital innovation.

ThIs Is ID.3 software Issue Is so sensitive reasons.

In addition, proof of “right” Is also urgent.

but in 2020 data Will be publIshed in the media communication point of view, each of the Volkswagen Group brand sales of electric vehicles in 2020 but still only a fraction of Tesla.

three core models: ID.3 produced a total of 40; Porsche Taycan, built 1386 units; the earlier lIsting of the Audi e-tron, worldwide sold 32,000 units.

to dIss thIs same tremendous pressure, and worrying, thIs “denial” may have hidden something called “organized fear” of. ThIs “organization fear”, Aalto University in Finland Quy Huy and Timo Vuori research and analysIs organization, Is considered one of the main reasons to destroy Nokia.

thIs “fear” Is described as from professional managers / executives want to hear good sound, in order to maintain the resource allocation authority within the organization. So, it seems like a frightened middle-level cadres, when reporting tend to give up hope to hear sound level can be proven to work “right” sound.

layers under pressure, decIsion making throughout the company began dIstortion, and then lost in the rapidly changing market competition.

public moment, there Is such a ‘organizations fear “?

IV Conclusion: Challenger Judith

dIss of wIsdom, of hIs choice for the public roads, electrification and digital transformation almost everyone, including Benitez Rama Trask recognized.

However, DIs Is also unprecedented pressure. Just took office two years, he needs more success to get bigger and more lasting support. Especially ID.3. Whether sold or not, in terms of Judith Is an important watershed.

dIss succeed? No one can answer. We hope he can.

The only certainty Is Meredith’s success Is not only hIs personal success, he Is to the public, and Akio Toyoda of Toyota Is completely different.

He needs a Porsche – Piech family support in the most difficult moments, with the need for public internal blogDoctring’s “opposition” and “praIse”, need to be more clearly recognize the problem and the resIstance, the need for greater heart to face the frustration that may be encountered, even from within the fatal blow.

to break the “curse of the Nokia” Is not dIss a person’s job, we can not become hIs personal mIssion.


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