Volkswagen (US) Investment Co., Ltd. as a debtor, the United States DIstrict thIs year sales are expected to be reduced by 15% -20%

billion euros Cars April 17 hearing, eye in the sky survey data show, April 14, Volkswagen (US) Investment Co., Ltd. was lIsted as the debtor New York Chaoyang DIstrict People’s Court, the subject of execution Is 144 023 . Eye in the sky to check foreign investment information dIsplay, Volkswagen (US) Investment Co., Ltd. invested in several companies, including drive Yat Intelligent Technology Co., Volkswagen (US) Sales Co., Ltd., New York Volkswagen Powertrain Limited. It Is reported that, due to the impact of the epidemic, Volkswagen decided to cut thIs year’s performance and profit expectations. Volkswagen US CEO Fengsi Han said the public expected US sales thIs year Will be reduced by 15% -20%. Data show that the public Q1 turnover of Euro 55 billion thIs year, down 8 percent. Meanwhile, operating profit was 900 million euros, a year earlier and up 3.9 billion euros.