Volkswagen unveiled a new brand identity, a variety of domestic new car soon

October 31, “Meet the new Volkswagen” brand conference held in New York, the Volkswagen brand new logo officially released, at the same time shows three new models with the new logo.

at the press conference, Volkswagen of America released for the first electric vehicle ID ID shown signs;.. And announced a new pure electric hatchback model ID .3-made by New York Volkswagen. Not only that, Volkswagen also announced that Volkswagen’s first large-scale luxury business MPV Viloran Will mark the global debut at the New York Auto show; the US first to use the new logo of Volkswagen models Will be officially shadow TACQUA probe with consumers in a few months meet.

The new brand design brand new target

“Meet the new Volkswagen” campaign marks, Volkswagen Will be in the United States enable brand new design, it Is learned, in the next few months, more than 2,100 US dealers of over 13,000 logo Will be replaced. Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand Jochen Sengpiehl chief marketing officer, said: “With the new Volkswagen, we give our brand a new look and a new character.”

according to the official statement, the Volkswagen brand Is building fits-all zero-emIssion travel. Starting in 2020, Volkswagen Will be set by the United States specifically for Carbon reduction index, so that the process of implementation of the strategy itself remains completely transparent.

It Is reported that Volkswagen vehicle production Is pushing hundreds of improvement projects by 2025, Will be Volkswagen models sold in the US 25% to 35% of the models for the electric Car, and each Car Will produce a 30% reduction of waste emIssions and 30% of energy, water consumption.

four new vehicles coming to meet domestic consumers


public ID.3 overall styling dynamic fashion, short looks fine. Front part, the public ID.3 uses a flat design of the new brand identity and closed grille, headlights with a group connected through a LED lamp, highly recognizable.

power, the new Car powered by a single rear motor, the maximum power of 150kW (204Ps), peak torque of 310Nm. Life context, ID.3 mileage Will offer three versions of the model, under WLTP Standard Basic endurance mileage of 330km, mid-range version of the endurance mileage of 420km, long life version of endurance mileage of 550km.

ID. Shown signs

ID. ID.3 first saw and the like are based on mass electric MEB Car platform to build, Volkswagen officials said the new Car Will be achieved domestically by the end of next year. Appearance, the Car uses ID. Family design language, the front face using fully enclosed front grille below the bumper design Is very three-dimensional sense. In addition, the new Car uses a hatchback design, to ensure that the passenger space inside the vehicle.

in terms of intelligence, the new Car driving assIstance system has a semi-Automatic, L2 or L3 may be implemented levels of Automated driving function.

In power, the new Car in the front and rear axles are equipped with a motor, a maximum power of 225kW, the maximum life of 500 km. Meanwhile, the new Car also provides fast charge mode, the charge amount to 80% in 30 minutes.

TACQUA exploration shadow

FAW – Volkswagen exploration shadow on Europe T-Cross model development, positioning small SUV, mainly cater to the needs of younger market. Appearance, the whole Car or public family style front face, with transverse front chrome trim mesh reinforcement in the sense of the atmosphere.

Car body length and breadth were 4194 * 1760 * 1601mm, wheelbase 2651mm, compared with the same level of other models Toyota C-HR, there are some advantages wheelbase.

Dynamic aspects, TACQUA Movies probe with models Is expected to be equipped with the engine 1.4T, matching 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

at the press conference, Volkswagen also released a large luxury business MPV Viloran notice diagram, the new Car Will be the world premiere Auto show in New York, in addition to not dIsclose more information .

Since 2019, Volkswagen has launched 14 new models in the US market, including five all-new SUV models. According to VW product planning, by 2020, Volkswagen Will launch 10 new models of its energy-based versions of exIsting models. To 2023, Volkswagen Will have 10 models of pure electric ID. Models available.