Volkswagen thIs car interiors nothing to worry about quality

nothing to worry about the quality of its interior, with a lot of material to work beyond the A-class Car, in order to build quality Cars, extensive use of soft plastic and advanced materials, partial young design sense, the interior appears to let very dynamic, full of desire to drive, and it’s not too much interior decoration, it had looked as great!

steering wheel steering precIsion, easy handling, the steering wheel can be adjusted up and down, the steering Is very good. Leather steering wheel feel moderate. Great texture feeling, easy to operate, and the turning radius to be smaller comparing to other vehicles.

comfort during driving Is particularly important, very thick soft, comfort Is also very good. The Car seat design Is to meet your need for comfort. Fabric texture Is very clear, feel and breathability are good.

that the problem Is not in the front row comfort, spacious and comfortable seats, good for the waIst but also supporting the chest clamping, do not tilt when cornering body, did not drive it so tired.

look very satIsfied, color value Is also Leverage drops, keep them coming back Is good, but not so at first sight might look like, thIs Car belongs to engaging type, a long time but feel pretty stylIsh atmosphere, basically impeccable.

before the face of great sports atmosphere, combined with LED headlamps designed to meet the young people’s aesthetic appearance looks very mature very delicate, luxurious atmosphere on the grade, the front face of the net He looked really good.