Volkswagen these lights, we must immediately stop checking, continue with very serious consequences

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the Car has become a means of transport to travel, go through rain and wind to help us lose a lot of unnecessary trouble. However, as a means of transport of the Car, if we are only responsible for opening and not pay attention to check these details, easily lead to serious consequences.

where Volkswagen has been the country’s most reliable choice, the price close to the people, fully functional, safe and secure, so the public’s choice the Car has most of the riders already selected. There Will be a lot of sweeping the Car lights on, the driver’s seat, watching the whole instrument panel all the lights, however, Volkswagen of these lights, you must immediately stop and check, if it continues to travel Will lead to serious consequences.

the engine warning lights, parking must be checked. Car engine Is to provide a steady stream of power, like the heart of the Car, the engine warning lamp Is lit, the engine Is in a failed state, must be stopped and inspected, they can not solve the problem, you need to dial calls as soon as possible, must not continue driving. OtherwIse, the engine under fault conditions easily damage the internal structure, badly worn directly scrapped.

handbrake indicator light, the need to pull the nearest inspection. Handbrake Is in the temporary stop, to prevent the vehicle from rolling back, used to brake tools, brake pedal for a long time Will numb the foot, so help us become the best handbrake brake. Handbrake handbrake indicator Will be appropriate when the handbrake did not lay down, indicator lights, when the Car Is stopped in the state, found the hand brake indicator lights up, you need to stop and check, there may be excessive brake fluid during travel low, brake failure caused.

temperature warning light, need to stop checks. High-speed operation of the engine when the internal temperature Is very high, the need to rapidly cool the coolant to keep the normal operation of the engine. If the cold cutting fluid temperature swings, high or low, represents cold cut was abnormal, can not help cool the engine quickly, if continue driving, the engine under high temperature operation can easily be burned, or even scrapped. So when the water temperature warning lights, parking must enterCheck the line.

The above Is for several Volkswagen occur in everyday driving lights abnormal situation, there are other brands of Cars in motion fault time, Will have a similar indicator lights, faithful Car dashboard lights need to occasionally watch the situation in the travel time, the nearest stop to check abnormal must, in order to avoid serious consequences. Faithful Car also found which can cause damage to the Car’s lights, welcome to dIscuss the message.