Volkswagen tail, each representing 280,330,380 What do you mean?

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Volkswagen tail tags, each representing 280,330,380 What do you mean?

Hello, everyone, small series again, we do not want small series? Today small for everyone to simply explain about Volkswagen’s Car, what are, what meaning has to be for everyone in the Car when there Is a reference, hoping to help you!

rear of the Car

For Volkswagen, I believe we should not be unfamiliar to you, there really Is everywhere on the road, to say the public its unusual Car, to the number of Volkswagen Phaeton, after all, thIs Is the public launch of a luxury Car, known as the world “stealth Regal Car”, of course, price Is also very expensive!


Other Volkswagen also very consIstent with the consuming public, Volkswagen, thIs name you can see, thIs the Car Is very worthy of the name, but also a wide range of Volkswagen Cars, such as Volkswagen tail marked with numbers 280, in fact, all 280TSL, which represents 1.4 dIsplacement, turbocharged engine with stratified combustion and direct injection technology, 280 represents the torque, which Is the maximum torque for the 1.4 model 250NM!


330,380 also represents the dIsplacement of the Car, 330 represents the dIsplacement of 1.8T, 380 representatives Is the 2.0T models! ThIs we understand it? For the public, thIs Is a marked dIsplacement of the label, the latter Is constantly changing, and now has a lot of dIsplacement vehicles Will be replaced with the label of a variety of Automotive emIssions! Of course thIs Is only a concept represented, not absolute, and some Volkswagen Is not the case calculated! Not just the public, and if we Carefully look at the


then, AudiTail label Is different, they represent a speedup, the larger the number the more powerful acceleration performance Is, thIs Is to be dIstinguIshed manufacturers label affixed, as long as comfortable driving, how much dIsplacement, mean anything? We believe that our public consumers, as if the relationship Is not much, we say it!


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