Volkswagen tail are the subject of 280,330,380 What does it mean? The owners were quick to see it!

vehicle power Is good, look behind the figures are not so big ass!

the public Is like to play such a word game!

In the beginning, in fact, the public and other Car companies, like the Car behind buttocks marked 1.8T, 2.0T. 3.0 V6 ……

later, Audi took the lead in the rear end marked 30,40,45,50 Tiao Di … Why, because the Audi Is VW drops.

Later, back then the mass marked 180,230,280,330,380, it appears that large numbers Is king!

that such a large number actually mean? In the end Is a numbers game or the deeper meaning?

In fact, thIs mass Is a numbers game play using the torque corresponding to the engine power level, the algorithm Is in accordance with the following table the calculated torque range compromIse:

Some may ask what Is not Is a number, it Is necessary to play thIs word game? In fact, thIs Is the marketing psychology, if a standard a rear end Magotan 1.4T, Is not feeling a lot of people think a small horse-drawn Carts? So good of a B-class Car, only to 1.4T, be able to pull it? And by such a label, you can immediately make people feel ignored small-dIsplacement engine, the implication Is, do not look small power, but torque Is not small.

The following re-introduce the subject of the Audi tail ass behind another set of algorithms (mathematical bad it seems the public can not enter!)

Some may say that what BMW’s ass behind a string of numbers represent?

In fact behind the BMW digital indeed very “big” but for so many years a marked BMW Is honest, unlike the public Is so fond of “innovation” and the lower figure Is the BMW the naming convention:

concluded that aNaming said Mercedes Benz uses a model with dynamic class are named, from 1929 to date, as shown below:

User Comments:

User 1: do not know a lot of people see the back of the Car Audi A4 30, I thought it was 3.0T …………… on digital marketing … Hey Audi playing the

User 2: write dIsplacement Will make people think that hIs mother Is the coach Cars, people would think to write thIs high-end Car, thIs Is the wrong perspective

User 3: 1.4T magotan publIshed by manufacturers one hundred zero acceleration performance Is 8.6 seconds, 8.3 seconds Is 330 results. Does not consider more than one hundred words per hour, 1.4T 2.0T Is not much slower than the