Volkswagen SUV also set up cross-border corps, Tiguan Coupe Is expected to be born in 2020!

the public Is still current product Front hatchback, SUV, station wagon and other useful models for the spindle when the basic dIsk and sales without trouble, we need to extend so as Tiguan Coupe models to expand the target market, the same the concept also T -Cross Breeze concept, Altas Cross two models, from small to large crossover SUV a complete front!

In fact, such a concept common, such as German Mercedes and BMW Huashuang Jiang Hao, from the beginning of the BMW X6 crossover SUV blew a wave, extended to small and medium the X4, which of course Is the Mercedes-Benz GLE, GLC Coupe models, and perhaps lower height than the average SUV, some, but practicality Is not a big change, focusing on appearance Is more personality! ThIs Is a national brand for the European public, that Is a very good way to enhance brand appeal.

According to European media noted that the first Volkswagen SUV crossover SUV Tiguan main work Will be Issued as an architectural think, basically refer to the 2015 launch of the Cross Coupe concept works with the current time point ingenious models Tiguan born at the same time, we can see the original extension for Coupe models already planning. Its design significantly inwardly folded roof, with more flow lines A, C pillar shape, as for the details of decorating part, Will be more refined than the conventional way view.

power section, the future Is expected to be equipped with a 1.5 TSI Evo, 2.0 TSI supercharged power of two, the former has a maximum horsepower 150hp performance, which was 180hp ~ 240hp range, while the 4Motion four transmIssion system Will be stationed, and the other exciting point, next year Tiguan R Is also expected to launch, then lower the center of gravity of the grid run more Tiguan Coupe, R Car to catch Department Is not impossible. Select Coupe Volkswagen Tiguan crossover SUV as the first mover Is not unreasonable, in GLC, X4 and hIs ilk selling at the same time, people want to start with a lower cost of cross-border SUV sibling, does not seem to have much choice, so Tiguan Coupe the emergence not only add to the charm of the brand, sales are expected to have no small help.