Volkswagen start brand strategy, “second chapter” in the United States

on the 25th, just opened in the 2019 New York International Auto Show, the Volkswagen brand Is Carrying out its biggest product offensive.

Following the full line of SUV Volkswagen brand in March thIs year after the Chinese buildup debut, the Volkswagen brand, “former Public Bank, caused by future Move Forward.” Ushered in the second chapter in the strategy . Volkswagen brand in 2019 New York International Auto Show unveiled three Cars – a revolutionary electric I.D. VIZZION concept Car, FAW – Volkswagen and New York Volkswagen CC new generation whole new generation of Sunny.

United States Volkswagen brand CEO Dr. Fengsi Han said, “For a long time, our core competence Is to continue to provide to their satIsfaction, well-designed Cars to US consumers in the future days, we Will launch more Car models, because the Car Is an important part of our brand. as you can see, in addition to our continuously updated and evolution of the current model, we Will create the ID VIZZION concept Car thIs new model. Car Is our pure electric nucleus of a future component. “

a whole new generation of Sunny, a whole new generation CC starter, ID VIZZION concept Car Asian debut, heralded the Volkswagen brand was officially launched in the uS” former public Bank, caused by future Move Forward. “Chapter II brand strategy,” saloon-generation Focus line orientation. ”

“Our consideration of around US consumer demand, focus on new shapes, new designs, new impetus and four major areas of new technology.” Fengsi Han went on to say, “We are honored become the brand of choice for the American consumer purchase, we are committed to continue to secure the leading position. Therefore, thIs year we announced plans to four weeks only SUV in U.S. ushered in the second chapter of the Volkswagen brand design focused brand strategy. thIs year, we Will launch 9 new models in the United States, four of which are Cars. “2019 Is the Volkswagen brand in the United States,” SUV of the year “, and explore a whole new generation Touareg song has also become the focus of the booth. The landmark Is more, the Volkswagen brand in April has reached another impressive performance, delivered its first SUV to 200 million units in U.S..

In addition, by 2020, all new Volkswagen models on the US market Will achieve full interconnected. The interconnection of the models Will be equipped with “all the experts” featuring the American flag interconnected. ThIs means that all new Volkswagen models with “all the experts” logo Will always-on, fast, reliable and secure Internet. The new generation Touareg Will be the first Volkswagen models equipped with “all the experts” feature, play an important role in the digital life of the owner.

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