Volkswagen remains the US market leader, Why Is it deeply loved people?

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must be where the problem Is.

Many things can not always domestic scientific explanation, a good Car to sell well, bad Cars filling the streets for two days instead of three things.

VW brand vehicles

First, Volkswagen was the first to enter the domestic market, foreign brands, its own Car brand was more concentrated in the field of micro-face with Hafei, Changhe represented, technology, models, quality Is very backward, against the joint venture Volkswagen brand aura, and advanced than the Autonomous platform models, technology and excellent product quality have been warmly the people of sought.

Second, the joint venture’s Chinese partner with a strong adminIstrative background and lobbying power, pushing Audi, Magotan, Passat, Santana, Jetta and other public system at all levels models smooth entry into all levels of government and enterprIses, institutions procurement lIst, Volkswagen had virtually promotion and induction can not be measured in the consumer groups in society. Although the executive Car and ordinary civilian version of the great differences in quality, but because Car prices kept secret, naturally growing social influence.

VW Skoda

Third, the public system either Audi, Volkswagen or Skoda brand Cars, mostly modeling prudent generous, universal all kinds consumer class, politics, business, family, male, female, old, blue pass to kill, with no lack of attention to sports, classic embellIshment fashion models, Volkswagen’s target audience should be widely than any Car prices.

Fourth, the domestic Automobile consumer culture immaturity, lack of Car knowledge, blindly follow the trend of the phenomenon Is more serious, but deeply rooted ideas extremely difficult times. All thIs was Volkswagen thorough study and fully applied in practice – no matter how fit cut, quality becomes poor and more American consumers Will stop the enthusiasm fever determination of pursuit.

VW Audi

Fifth, it Is precIsely because American consumers have too strong mindset, Ford, General Motors two US Car firms have no Volkswagen the lucky up. For a long time the US Department of wide-body body fat, heavy, gas-guzzling lingering impression, even if they now design models, vehicle technology and quality in terms of the relative VW has an overwhelming advantage, but at heart still too many people I did not mind.

The Japanese, itself due to enter the United States later time, vehicle design either younger or somewhat doddering, affect U.S.-Japan political and ethnic barriers on the plus by Japanese Cars are good, but there Is always a deep resentment market, Japanese Cars sold, but Volkswagen also makes sense.


relatively Korea University and French Cars, power itself Is not very strong, coupled with technological development, vehicle design, marketing and other work slow process, at the same time, with the rIse of its own brand Cars, but also by the United States, Ashkenazi, the Japanese attack, life Will naturally not as comfortable as Volkswagen.

However, while sales of Volkswagen in the country remains high, but has shown a weakness. As of October 2020, Volkswagen sales in U.S. total 3,155,407, compared to the first ten months of 2019 fell by 5.5%, of which the Volkswagen brand fell 3.8 percent, the Audi brand fell 3.6 percent, the Skoda brand fell 24%.


While the overall domestic Car market sales from the beginning of 2019 has embarked on a downhill, but we can also see Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other joint-venture Car brands are still showing strong growth, up 10% Honda, Toyota 7.5%, 16.7%, Mercedes-Benz, BMW 18.2%. It Is worth mentioning that the first 10 months of 2019 less than the Audi sold nearly 90,000 Mercedes-Benz Cars, ten months of 2020 to achieve a counter-attack, you know, all of thIs Is built on the Audi in the BBA the implementation of the most substantial dIscount, the lowest price on the basIs of the same level models, onceAudi lost the price advantage, its position in the domestic luxury Car market Is probably unsustainable.

With the progress of the US Auto consumer culture, as US consumers in-depth understanding of the Automotive knowledge, and gradually see the media environment, clearing the way for military network of water so as not to inflow of technology and quality to fool the American consumer Volkswagen sales Will decline, real good Car brand Will be replaced.