Volkswagen released ID.4 / R Touareg hybrid plug / eighth-generation Golf family

2020 Geneva Motor Show by the Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic canceled, a number of Car prices posted online a new Car. New York on March 3, the Volkswagen brand has released its new line of pure electric SUV models ID.4, plug-in hybrid Touareg R, and eighth-generation Golf family (Golf GTI / GTD / GTE).

Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand Ralf Brandsttter chief operating officer, said thIs year, Volkswagen Will launch eight electric vehicles (EV century expected pure electric and plug-in hybrid Car models each 4 ). Which Will go on sale thIs summer ID.3. 2030 Volkswagen in the US and European market launch of the new Car Will be half of the electric Car. 2050 product and production process to achieve Carbon neutrality, speed up to build electric-fits-all travel.

VW brand’s first electric SUV: ID.4

ID.4 Volkswagen brand’s first pure electric SUV models, but also the second paragraph following the ID.3 modular electric drive (MEB) platform based on the production model, the Car Will also be produced and sold in Europe, the United States and the United States. ID.4 after pioneered drive version, followed by the introduction of pure electric four-wheel drive version.

In addition to the summer sale of ID.3, the second half of thIs year, Volkswagen Will release a new model ID family addition.


ID.4 using the ID Series models Volkswagen family design language, closed the front face, the front positive central inlaid with the Volkswagen brand new Logo, front and rear lights have adopted the group through design, smooth body lines make the vehicle has a very good aerodynamic performance.


ID.4 high-voltage battery Is dIsposed near the center position of the bottom of the vehicle, can be obtained when the vehicle body collides well protected, while the low center of gravity also contributes to play outstanding vehicle dynamic driving performance, while achieving a balanced axle load dIstribution. Depending on the battery capacity, ID.4 ofMileage up to 500 kilometers

Volkswagen did not show today ID.4 interior design, but it Is conceivable that, MEB Will ensure that its platform has a large interior space. Volkswagen expressed, ID.4 Will use all-digital cockpit design, and operation of the vehicle primarily through touch or voice control.

VW R series, the first plug-in hybrid models: Touareg R

the Volkswagen brand’s flagship model Touareg R from Volkswagen’s R-series high-performance divIsion, Is a combination of strong performance and efficient electric plug-in hybrid model, the R series Is also the first hybrid. The second half of 2020 Will be launched in Germany.

R turui

R turui mounted a very strong and efficient plug hybrid system, the system Is powered by a 3.0T V6 engine motor and luggage located at the bottom of the lithium ion battery compartment (14.1 kwh capacity), with matching 8-speed Tiptronic Automatic transmIssion.

Maximum power system integrated power of 340 kilowatts (462 hp), the maximum torque of 700 Nm integrated. Wherein the motor maximum power 100 kW (136 hp), turbo V6 TSI 3.0T dIsplacement engine maximum power of 250 kilowatts (340 hp). NEDC conditions, 100 km combined fuel consumption of only 9 liters (urban 11.8 l / outskirts 7.3 liters).

vehicle top speed of 250 km (electronically limited), the electric mode Highest speed of 140 km. R may be an option turui Travel AssIst cruIse assIst system. On the Autobahn, 210 km before the system applicable speed limit from / hour for the first time increased to 250 km / h.

R Touareg 4MOTION permanent four-wheel drive standard. 8-speed Automatic transmIssion Tiptronic and 4MOTION permanent four-wheel drive power Is transmitted to the front and rear axles, and front and rear axle can be realized with a dynamic torque dIstribution (using traction control TorsenLtd.) central differential lock, the front and rear shaft power dIstribution ratio between 70:30 to 20:80.

Interior turui R

R turui InnovIsion Cockpit standard digital cockpit. The driver can infotainment system energy flow monitor interface and pure electric mileage reading system and hybrid vehicle specific information. Integrated digital cockpit on the left side of the power meter and tachometer dIsplays the current circumstances, available pure electric mileage and fuel mileage of the hybrid system Will also be dIsplayed.

represents the Volkswagen Touareg R Will be manufactured in the United States, Europe and the United States. Currently Touareg hybrid version sold in the US sales of imported form.

eighth generation Golf family

also demonstrated the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf family of three models – -Golf GTI, GTD and GTE. Earlier, Volkswagen officials have announced that three derivative models of power systems and internal / exterior trim details. In the three models, except GTI most worthy of our expectations outside, the new generation Golf GTE Is also very interesting, because it not only more energy efficient, dynamic performance Is not lost in the GIT.

Eighth Golf GTE

Golf GTE equipped with a set of 1.4T turbocharged engine, electric motor 6 speed DSG (DQ400e ) plug-in hybrid transmIssion and a high energy density lithium batteries thereof. Wherein, 1.4T engine (EA211 TSI) may be the maximum power output of 110 kilowatts, the electric motor maximum power of 85 kilowatts, the maximum output power of the integrated whole drive system 180 kW (245 hp), the GTI same vehicle, but the vehicle integrated GTE maximum torque of 400 Nm, GTI models also higher than 30 Nm.

equipped with a new generation Golf GTE total capacity of 13 kWh power battery, and the battery capacity as compared to the previous generation increased by 50%, plus aerodynamic optimization, itsPure electric battery life up to 60 kilometers.


electric-mode, the maximum speed of the vehicle Is 130km / h. After the battery Is low or the vehicle speed exceeds 130km / h, the vehicle Automatically switches to hybrid mode.