Volkswagen recalls a new fan

on thIs year’s show 3.15 Volkswagen Touareg Car brands imported vehicle design defect has been dIscovered, rainwater Will enter the engine safety hazard. Volkswagen responded that thIs publication, to express my sincere apologies for the Touareg owners have been filing to the AdminIstration of Quality SupervIsion recall program, and Will begin April 30 recall. ThIs means that Volkswagen recalled already has a new fan.

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Volkswagen as German Cars represent the brand in the US Automotive market accounts for a significant share, while the United States sales market also accounted for global sales of Volkswagen refrain. But Volkswagen has staged one after another after another in the domestic recall the story, as soon as possible Teng, Bora, Golf, Tiguan, passers-ang, then the Touareg, Volkswagen models selling basic spared.

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VW sets her 4

look back to recall a few seasons before the public, God speed Teng broken shaft door, DSG gearbox jitter abnormal sound, safe airbag rIsks, each recall the reasons are enough to make you easily leash. Which DSG gearbox failure problems or AQSIQ interviewed several public companies, there Will still be asked to recall the AQSIQ Volkswagen. God speed Teng broken shaft, the public company has been prevarication Is denied until the AQSIQ come forward, we have proposed to the original Car rear axle trailing arm put in a metal plate, such a fight “patch” program.

and thIs patch of interim relief program, started 14 years from now, it has been almost four years. Then the piece patch, but reduces the rIsk of broken shaft problem and no real solution.

DSG gearbox problems and the relative speed of God before Teng broken shaft, the face of import Touareg, Volkswagen Is actually a lot faster reaction speed. After all, the Touareg can buy from the owners, they are not bad money, naturally more attention by the general public. I hope that thIs time Volkswagen Touareg owners to be able to give a satIsfactory treatment.They also reminded owners God speed Teng, check the patch piece four years ago, it Is still not strong?