Volkswagen “Rebranding” Is a pun? New York conference, a little big amount of information

2020 October 31, the United States in New York Volkswagen unveiled its new brand identity designed to interpret vibrant, bright, colorful, well-targeted brand new look. From 500 invited national media lineup, as well as three-day trip to and from the point of view, for the subject parade Is quite substantial.

In fact, the conference Is not so simple for standard, I do not even think to replace the Volkswagen LOGO merely a “pun” word games Although LOGO retro style has indeed been changed. But the community really want to say Is “ID” family appearance. I understand the “ID” can be either LOGO “Design ID”, can also be ID. Family models debut.

The new brand design

Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand Jochen Sengpiehl chief marketing officer, said: “With the new VW , we give our brand a new look and a new character. now we have a brand new look, new logo, more clear, concIse and accurate, and suitable for presentation in a variety of sizes of digital devices. “and at the same time, “meet the new Volkswagen” campaign also marks the opening of a new Volkswagen brand design in the United States. Over the next few months, more than 2,100 US dealers of over 13,000 logo Will be replaced. ThIs week, dealers from Tianjin completed the first global dIstributor of identifying the replacement.

Yes, with regard to the design of the new Volkswagen VW logo, say so much. The following information Is almost entirely ID family.

to meet new public “pun”

in order to “meet the new Volkswagen” as the theme, not only Volkswagen shows four new models with the new logo, also released for the US’s first pure electric ID. models –ID. strike through, thIs SUV Will start mass production after 12 months. Not only that, Volkswagen also announced by New York Volkswagen hatchback models ID.3 domestically. The release of a series of heavy vehicle, further highlighting the Volkswagen brand new goal: to build zero-emIssion travel for everyone. VolkswagenPassenger Car brand Board of Management, Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand American CEO Dr. Pingsi Han said: “We ‘met the new Volkswagen’ and together we bring our users a new look for the Volkswagen brand, new personalities, new goals. as well as new models. Volkswagen Will continue to develop attractive energy-efficient diesel locomotive type, and ID. ID.3 first saw and also shows that electric vehicles Will become an inevitable choice we fully Carbon-neutral travel. “

Dr. Pingsi Han said: “since 2019 began, we have introduced 14 new models in the uS market, including 5 new SUV models. “By 2020, Volkswagen Will launch 10 new energy-based versions of exIsting models. To 2023, Volkswagen Will have 10 models of pure electric ID. Models available.

Clearly, VW’s new design ID Is no longer the conference theme, and new models of the future development of the ID family planning Is the most important.

ID shown signs:. FOR CHINA IN CHINA pure electric SUV

thIs Is the game’s only been a “serious camouflage” models, it Is clear that it Is the real production of the ID family first Car. Especially the German site claims “FOR CHINA IN CHINA” Is to show the “ID. Has shown signs of” mass production in U.S. Is already a “special for ID”. After 12 months, Volkswagen’s highly anticipated first electric ID. Models Will hit the US market. In New York, ID. Camouflage Car has shown signs mark the first show. And ID. Has shown signs appeared together, but also include Cars, crossover, SUV various sizes and other merchandIse ID. Family models.

ID.3: The only be photographed interiors of pure electric hatchback

with “The first” compared appearance of the interior definitely has “international range of children,” the pure electric ID.3 in Europe’s first mass production of ID. models, thIs model Will soon vIsit the United States. Volkswagen has announced that, ID.3 WillSAIC Volkswagen leading Anting new energy vehicles factory-made.

TACQUA exploration shadow: the more mundane away from us closer

the entire conference debut models, only a super small Car wheels, which also indicates that the Car Is from our most recent models. After a few months, FAW – TACQUA explore the public’s shadow Will become America’s first use of the new logo of Volkswagen models. The SUV Is basically “FAW-Volkswagen version of the T-CROSS”.

Bai Xiwen summary

In summary, the Volkswagen media event, actually held two conferences, a morning field, a night. One Is for standard VW Volkswagen, VW ID Is a family Car debut. But in the evening the family of ID models debut release there Is also a mix of mass-produced electric Car and the production of gasoline vehicles. It can be said Is very rich, I can not even put in a manuscript where all messages are explained clearly. I can only say “public Rebranding” Is definitely a “pun” strategic activities.