Volkswagen rear-end NIssan Qashqai, see car damage, riders: I can not believe

Speaking of vehicles thin Car, we first think of Japanese Cars, though Japanese Car has a fuel-efficient and durable characterIstics, but their wagon particularly thin. In fact, thIs does not explain the manufacturing process of Japanese Cars Is bad, only that they are in order to solve the shortage of resources, really spent a lot of thought. However, in most people’s eyes, the Car thin skin on behalf of the Car without a hit, when the accident occurred, the damage Is more serious than the other Cars. Volkswagen rear-end NIssan Qashqai, see Car damage, riders: I can not believe it.

compared with Japanese Cars, German Cars wagon Will be much thicker, in our impression of them, certainly better than German Cars Japanese Cars strong, but the fact that really true? In the streets of the country occurred in a traffic accident, a Volkswagen Jetta crashed into a NIssan Qashqai, only to subvert the people’s understanding, in the end who Is thin and may be redefined.

According to Xiao NIssan passenger described the Lord, when he was driving a Car ready to go to work, and seeing the intersection of green to yellow lights, he felt Chuang yellow light Is very dangerous so he stepped on the brakes, and preparation of the green light up again in the past, the results did not expect, because the owner back in a hurry, no time to brake, so a direct hit up, resulting in a two-Car rear-end. Fortunately, however, did not cause casualties, thIs Is the most fortunate of.

After the impact, the owners also quickly get off the view of the case, and a telephone call to the police. Photos taken from the owners we can see, the NIssan QASHQAI rear too much damage did not occur, but the bumper where there Is a slight abrasion, left some traces of collIsion. The other Is the rear bumper and the fender was damaged, where there have been cracks in the interface, the other did not make any big problem.

but the situation Is not so optimIstic public, its entire front were crashed in the network have been knocked gone, and the Car head the headlights have been smashed, the hood also knocked bent up, but below the bumper did not make any problems. In the Volkswagen Jetta Car at the end also shed a pool of water inside the water tank should beThat was damaged, overall, the damage to the public than the NIssan Qashqai much more serious. Owners see their Car damaged so severely, and some dIsbelief. After

a lot of friends to see thIs scene have said that in the end who Is thin ah? Some netizens also said that every day that Japanese Car “energy absorbing”, Volkswagen saw the performance, I feel it more than the Japanese Cars “suck energy.” Faced with thIs situation, Xiao Bian that, Sagitar body itself Is shorter than the Qashqai, crash when its impact beams and bumper have no protection. But NIssan QASHQAI’s performance has given us a new look, it seems that Japanese Cars are not our imagination so fragile.