Volkswagen produced a compact car of it, how much you know!

VW Beetle (Volkswagen Beetle) formally known as the Volkswagen Type 1 (Volkswagen Type 1), by Volkswagen (Volkswagen Car factory in Hong Kong translation) between 1938 and 2003 the production of a compact Car. In 1998, the original Beetle offline Many years later, Volkswagen officially launched the original shape and Is very similar to the New Beetle (with the Volkswagen Golf (Golf) as a platform), while the Beetle in Mexico and a handful of other countries, has been produced to Year 2003. In the selection of the world’s most influential “of the 20th century Car” in an international poll, the Beatles ranked fourth, behind the Ford Model T, Mini and Citroen DS.

recently learned that Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet Will be unveiled by the end of the opening of the Los Angeles Auto Show, the new Car Will be introduced in the future domestic sales. New Beetle Cabriolet classic black soft-top design, which can be opened and closed to complete the operation in a stationary roof or 30 miles / hour (about 48 km / h) traveling speed, within about 10 seconds to each switch Carry out. Due to the structure of the convertible, Volkswagen New Beetle convertible version of the trunk storage space has been reduced, reduced from 310 liters to 220 liters hardtop version. Fortunately, it Is equipped with a folding rear seat, lifting some of the practical.

power, the new version equipped with a hardtop convertible Beetle same engine, gasoline including 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI and 2.0TSI engine choice. Diesel 1.6TDI 2.0TDI portion provided with two options.

child Is six liters of first grade thIs year, due to the tenancy can not be in our piece, in the Eastern DIstrict, before all children mother riding electric pick up the child, and now in the winter, children suffer, my wife decided to buy a Car and pick up the child. I am not much of a used Car the impression that I think you can just finIshed driver’s license, buying a used Car possible for me to practice hand, just need to be Careful not to pick a Car accident when a used Car, safety first Well. when the hunt field every time I see a critical time Huang Bo Will be singled out a large horn, the Car everyone what’s Day! I can now dream dreamThIs picture! Want ad when it entered the official website, only to find that the Internet Is also selling Cars.

In addition to a hand kept for five years on a regular basIs can not move, count the knot when leaving a total of 100,000 pay it early . Screened about 100,000 vehicles, from the appearance of the dIsplacement and I still favorite Volkswagen – Beetle. 1.6t, fly in the ointment Is that touched the rear bumper. After the election finIshed Car, my wife just called and give the people there the Car a more detailed consultation, we asked them to say thIs Car fly above it? Quality guarantee? Car after the dIscovery of the problem how to do? everybody Car there are particularly good attitude, the whole for each of our questions patiently give very specific and clear answer, I heard that they have the quality and after-sales service and re-examination procedures, but also to buy a Car found the problem within two weeks after the Car can also apply for refund, after lIstening to us, feel quite at ease, to the scene to see the Car that day, we found that the overall situation Is in line with the Car detects a statement of the official website for all Cars, no not meeting board. The Car in addition to the appearance of a little flaw, launch control, chassIs, transmIssion, line pipe, almost no big problem handling these key, very well. Appearance, then, to find time to repair when it Is also just fine.

more advantageous. The two owners to be able to successfully buy the Car for me, and lower prices many times. In fact, my heart already have a choice, but still very cunning watching them put the price down. trading basic agreement, all set to come up with the Car sales business-like Car agreement, give me a pass. What verification assessment ah ah ah maintenance sale ah. . . I looked at, no bug, the other gave me explain a few points, no problem to sign up, recheck appointment time left, thIs little mill hundred.

February 26, Volkswagen Beetle imported Cars in New York charm dance red version lIsted, the official suggested retail price of 222,600 yuan, the United States limited edition of 500 mass import Beetle Car charm dance red edition models equipped with 1.2 TSI 180 TSI turbocharged engine, maximum power of 77 kilowatts, the mostTorque 175 Nm, matching 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox, complete 0 ~ 100 km / h in just 10.9 seconds, speed 180 km / h. New Car average combined fuel consumption of 5.6 l / 100 km.

thanks to third-generation Beetle extending rearward roof line, the Beatles standard luggage compartment volume increased to 310L (down rear up to 905L), red version also dance charm Composition Media-Car entertainment systems equipped with mobile phone mapping function (App-connect), CD / MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity, Google CarLife other functions.

Moreover, the Car Is also equipped with ESP electronic vehicle stability system, the main fujia airbags, front side and curtain airbags, multiple collIsion prevention system, an electronic anti-theft system, cruIse control and other security and ease of configuration. Volkswagen said that 2019 Is the Volkswagen Beetle of the birth of the first 80 years, thIs classic works have sold over 20 million worldwide. New Car continues the classic design, the installation of R-Line exterior package style, adding to the sporty vehicle. Body with exclusive “charm red” paint, with a retro-style 17-inch alloy wheels mirror, highly personalized. In addition, the new Car Is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof enhance the interior feel open Yang. Car interior features encircling design, the center console Is equipped with an embedded dIsplay, equipped Composition Media-Car entertainment systems, integrated mobile phone maps, CD / MP3 player, Bluetooth, Google CarLife other functions. Configuration, thIs Car Is equipped with ESP electronic vehicle stability system, the main front passenger airbags, front side and curtain airbags, multiple collIsion prevention systems, electronic anti-theft and other security configuration.