Volkswagen plans new car in 2020 Why so many?

Car # # in 2020, the global Automotive market have shown the economy Is not, in the context of the overall sales decline, there are still many Car companies still pay a good answer, of which Volkswagen Is a very typical example, after a positive adjustment of the market, Volkswagen has achieved a relatively good sales data in 2020.

2020, Volkswagen Group’s global sales reached 10,974,600, an increase of 1.3%, not only won the title of global sales crown group of Car prices again, Group sales also hit a new high. The US market as the world’s largest single market, new Cars were sold 4.2336 million, up slightly by 0.6%, contributing nearly forty percent of sales.

Admittedly, the Volkswagen brand as early entry into the US market Car brand, in the context of the overall market downturn, positive adjustment made by a very good sales record, and from Volkswagen brand new Car planned for 2020 point of view, the overall adjustment of product structure continues.

in 2020 launched 34 new models worldwide

Information from Volkswagen official point of view, in 2020, Volkswagen plans to launch a global scale 34 new models, including 12 SUV models and 8 new energy models, no doubt, new energy vehicles has become a major focus, especially in 2020, has been officially unveiled pure electric ID. series.

from the Volkswagen Group in the action before the world’s major Automotive market point of view, in terms of specific launch vehicle, now known models include the South American market, Volkswagen Nivus, Atlas of American mass market, SMV US market as well as exploration Yue Coupe and other new models. In addition, a new generation of Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck hardcore Will be officially released in 2020.

In addition, the second half of 2020 was officially released eighth edition models derived from golf Will be launched in 2020, including the new Golf GTI, Golf R and Golf GTE, etc. A series ofTrain type.

From the information released by the Volkswagen brand before term, Volkswagen by the end of 2024 to invest 16.1 billion pounds in the next technology, including a 9.3 billion pound power technologies. Evident in the sustained extensive product line at the same time, Volkswagen electric Cars become a major focus of the next, along with the electric ID. Series launch a series of models and the Volkswagen brand in the new energy sector continued investment in Volkswagen’s pure electric product might become a new force point to promote their sales.

United States market welcomed 6 new models

In the US market, Volkswagen Will launch in 2020 6 new models, five models for the new models. Admittedly, continuous efforts on the SUV models, Volkswagen Is one of the main brand to gain a firm foothold in the US market, from the current planning point of view, the layout Is still expanding SUV, Volkswagen brand in the US market strategy of One.

In 2020, the Volkswagen brand and three SUV models Will be officially unveiled, including, but not limited to, the FAW – Volkswagen’s flagship model SMV Concept production version, etc. a series of models. Remove outer SUV models, the formal introduction of the eighth generation Golf US market, Volkswagen CC hunting SAIC Volkswagen new version of the model as well as high-end MPV model Viloran Will become the highlight of Volkswagen models in the 2020’s.

or eighth-generation Golf Will be the arrival of Volkswagen in 2020, the biggest surprIse, as the same level of sales and product strength, and many other benchmark products the new generation Golf Will become more spectacle, in thIs younger background, sales in 2020 from its class point of view, thIs “boutique” Car market performance are pretty good.

must be admitted that in 2020, exploration Yue became the FAW – Volkswagen family, most take the amount of SUV models, along with the younger and personalized era for the current market launch of the probe Yue hatchback version of the model mix and insert Edition models Will also help enhance the exploration Yue family sales.

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In addition, SAIC Volkswagen high-end MPV model Volkswagen Viloran the arrival of the United States Will once again energize the MPV market, the brand, the product, word of mouth and so many ways, the new Car Is likely to be the high-end MPV market players, that when the time pattern of domestic MPV market, most likely Will re-shuffle.

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2020, Volkswagen with positive adjustment in the US market, especially in a series of SUV models launched so Volkswagen establIshed a foothold in the Automobile market in the cold, in 2020, with the blessing of the Volkswagen brand continued to punch in the SUV field and the new MPV models, coupled with the arrival of the eighth-generation Golf, the Volkswagen brand’s market performance in 2020 still quite Aspect.