Volkswagen Piech Godfather

had for many years and served as Chairman of the SupervIsory Board of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech (Ferdinand Pich) died Sunday. Until the end, the Auto industry has affected the legendary gangster Volkswagen life behind the scenes.

Piech at the age of 82 years

It was reported that Piech last weekend to southern Bavaria participate in an activity . He and hIs wife Ursula (Ursula Pich) together during Rosenheim (Rosenheim) of a restaurant, suddenly fell to the ground. Emergency personnel immediately took him to a local hospital. Sunday, Piech died there.

Car Is a love of hIs life

Ursula Piech Is currently unWilling to dIsclose details, but confirmed her husband’s death, and in a written statement, “Ferdinand Piech for Cars Passions and Care for employees throughout hIs life,” hIs death Is a love their engineers and Car fans. Piech families Will hold a funeral for him in a small area.

Piech was born in Vienna in a very long time was the heart and soul of Volkswagen. From 1993 to 2002 he was Chairman of the Board of the Volkswagen Group, has since many years as chairman. Before helm of Volkswagen, Audi Piech Is chairman of the board of directors. Porsche (Porsche) and Piech two families he represents, Is the major shareholder of the public. Piech at Volkswagen was too powerful, in 2012, he even put hIs wife Ursula arrangements to the Board of SupervIsors public office. Within the Volkswagen Group, he Is regarded as the driving force behind the power struggle in hand and a key figure.

iron-fIsted management of enterprIses

Piech Is a focus on the details of the Auto enthusiast. Later, he and the President of the Board of Volkswagen Winterkorn (Martin Winterkorn) teamed up with an iron fIst long-term management of thIs growing Automotive empire. By 2015, after the public “diesel gate” scandal, Piech said publicly that the “arm’s length” and Winterkorn. In the subsequent power struggle, the defeat Piech, angrily resigned from all public postService.

in enterprIses with a strong rule of man Is characterized by Piech – After Winterkorn era, especially after the scandal of diesel, the Volkswagen Group has undergone tremendous changes. Winterkorn’s successor Muller (Matthias Müller) called for a new corporate culture, aimed at reducing the concentration of decIsion-making, so that managers at all levels more accountable, strengthen internal self-criticIsm. Piech public employees should not be in front of such a paternalIstic authoritarian executives live in fear – Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg), Piech has been dubbed the “Father” (der Alte). Moreover, a mass of small shareholders Piech once described as “the father of the gods” (Gttervater).

the public Is a multinational global operations. Group’s brands include Volkswagen (VW), Audi (Audi), SEAT (Seat), Bugatti (Bugatti), Lamborghini (Lamborghini) and Porsche (Porsche) and so on.

with a set of images to find the Car innovator Empire:

and a family of two legendary models

Ferdinand Piech was Ferdinand Porsche (also translated as Ferdinand Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche) grandson. The imperial family Automobile industry are the first two classic models: the Porsche Design Beetle. The other Is Ferdinand Porsche and a grandson of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (Ferdinand Alexander Porsche) – Piech’s cousin to create a Porsche 911.

brilliant debut: Porsche 917

In 1969, the sports Car manufacturer Porsche design and manufacture of “Porsche 917” , thIs Car Is a 20th century Le Mans race Car (Le Mans-Rennwagen) the most successful of a Car. “Porsche 917” won in 1970, 1971 two-time Le Mans.

help Audi out of the woods

In 1969 Audi was buying public. At that time neither the strength of the Audi Porsche, BMW nor Mercedes or fashion design. In 1970, Ferdinand Piech as a member of Audi’s board of directors Is responsible for the major R & D. In addition, he also Carried out technical improvements diesel family Car. These two models are the Audi 100 and Audi 80.


four-wheel drive technology

four-wheel drive technology was originally dates back to 1893, it was not Ferdinand Piech’s invention, but thIs technology Is little used in Cars, until Piech era of technology into the Audi four-wheel drive “quattro” Is. 80s, Hannu Mikkola driving an Audi four-wheel drive vehicles as the World Rally Championship.

contact with the government

did not get in trouble when Ferdinand Piech Automotive empire where under the support of Saxony. But Volkswagen and Lower Saxony Is closely linked – the state holds a 20% stake in the Volkswagen Group. Many influential politicians come from Lower Saxony, including Schroeder (Gerhard Schrder). Pictures show: In 1997, Schroeder Is under Piech Saxony awarded medals.

diversification of the Volkswagen Group’s

even in foreign countries, Piech when Germany’s Chancellor Gerhard Luo Germany also met. For example: in 2001 in the 捷克斯柯达 (Skoda) factory opening ceremony. Skoda Is to Volkswagen Group brands, now very successful.

once a successor

In 2001 PIschetsrieder (PIschetsrieder) as Volkswagen CEO. He Is a former president of BMW and Volkswagen’s brand SEAT (Seat) head. howeverIn 2006, Piech to PIschetsrieder’s job dIssatIsfaction, therefore PIschetsrieder must “leave.” Today, Piech lost Winterkorn.

fastest Car

Under the leadership of Piech, Volkswagen Group’s ambitious purchased Bugatti (Bugatti) trademark. Later, the mass production of the 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron sports Car top speed of 407 kilometers per hour. The Car Is priced at $ 2 million.

football successfully

great success, even in football Piech: sponsored by the Volkswagen Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg won the Bundesliga title in 2009. I would also like to thank the Brazilian player of Wolfsburg striker Grafite (Grafite) and sponsored by the public.


During hIs tenure as leader of the Volkswagen Group Piech, Audi’s return to Le Mans Car race . Odile Mans chariot – which dates back to many technical innovations Piech era. Currently Audi Car or even a hybrid mode. Since 2000, Audi has won the Le Mans 24 hours endurance race Car’s 13 championship trophy.