Volkswagen owners of Mercedes Complex – appears to be a story of people!

In the United States, able to drive the Volkswagen brand Cars, should be considered well-off life people.

You know, once public, not just an American official Car, a Santana, the price has also been sold two hundred thousand. The two hundred thousand of that era, in terms of the average family Is obviously an astronomical figure.

Now Volkswagen in the price, though have not so sCary, but American Cars, began to slowly enter the home, but as a German brand Volkswagen in the United States Auto market, still maintained a high market share and good reputation.

the public to buy, or opened from Volkswagen, perhaps not really rich, but the day must have reached a well-off, you know, the cheapest Volkswagen brand even with the low, the road should be around thousands of it. Not to mention a number of high-end Hui Ang, Ang way and the Touareg.

Therefore, in general, we met to open the Volkswagen brand Cars in the life of the owner, basic and pride are relatively calm. Not somewhere, but by no means shabby stuck.

but after seeing the way the owners of expensive Car stickers, you can find a high-energy consumption Volkswagen owners in mind, it has a very sour stuck on ah!

even the best public sit-Benz to catch up like her!

ThIs sentence might be a laugh. But think Carefully, and indeed very philosophical. Aung way Is definitely a good Car the public, however, and Mercedes-Benz ratio, do not say what model, in terms of brand, and obviously can not theory.

for the people on your mood, even the best Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz Is indeed less attractive. However, a change in thinking, like the public, she Is not more? Why are we forced to provoke those who like to take the main Mercedes-Benz it? See on the public, Is my food. Like Mercedes-Benz, even though you are away!

In fact, it’s that simple!

A simple Car stickers, goodPlay, but to savor, can also feel a lot of philosophy.

that Volkswagen owners, there Is a different kind of Mercedes-Benz complex. Perhaps only ridicule, but apparently, it should be considered a story of people!

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