Volkswagen once the “Yan Wang”, with civilians coupe frameless doors, down 40,000 also no longer marketable

There was a Volkswagen Car at the time of lIsting and created a sensation, it Is called “the most beautiful Volkswagen”, I believe that friends have already guessed, thIs Car Is the Volkswagen CC, it was indeed in the country very hot, with a streamlined body and a very Latin style of frameless doors, known as the civilian coupe. But things have changed, as have Volkswagen’s “Yan Wang”, the Volkswagen CC Is now straight down 40,000 or are no longer marketable, how in the end it happened?

In fact, the appearance of cash Volkswagen CC Is very good looking, adopts the latest Volkswagen family design language, the use of large-size grille style, but also with both great sense of science fiction headlight integration, low flat vIsual effects, effectively increasing the movement of the front of the atmosphere, and the whole system comes standard full LED headlights. Below the intake port also used throughout the design, the front vIsual stretched width.

and Volkswagen Volkswagen CC side or the other models are very different, fastback styling make the entire side of a more dynamic, and a straight waIstline across the entire side of the body, there Is a good three-dimensional, and the overseas edition of its body size consIstent length and breadth were: 4862/1871 / 1427mm, wheelbase 2841mm, enhance and compared to previous generation models.

As a result of fastback body design, Volkswagen CC, the rear appears to be more compact, overall design style Is biased in favor of simple, taillights more structured but very engaging, in addition to the end of the trunk slightly upward duckling Smart create impressive results, as well as the entire rear two chrome bar arranged transversely, to enhance the good layering, and has improved texture, mass CC using two bilateral common exhaust layout, and the exhaust port pieces of decorative chrome by very delicate.

Although positioning Is a sports Car, but Volkswagen CC’s interior Is still very strong public business atmosphere, although there are Carbon fiber trim highlights the sports atmosphere, but the overall style Is difficult to change. Through the air-conditioning vents have a good luxurious texture, black interior color only one of the seats with leather + Alcantara and leather two materials, 10.3 inchesFull LCD instrument dIsplay outstanding, outstanding scientific and technological sense, in control and touch screen supports CarPlay CarLife function.

configuration, the Volkswagen CC whole system comes standard passive pedestrian protection, tire pressure warning, front and rear parking radar, cruIse control, electric trunk, keyless Entry / heated front seats and the like, basic configuration fairly kind, and Is also provided with a high secondary line, lane departure warning systems, brakes and other active driver assIstance systems, adaptive cruIse full addition, the front seat ventilation, Dan but also to take sound more comfortable driving experience.

Mass CC turbocharged engine equipped with a 2.0T Is divided into two high-power and low-power versions of maximum power: 186 hp 220 hp and , respectively, the maximum torque: 320 Nm and 350 Nm, transmIssion speed to match the dual-clutch gearbox 7, McPherson independent suspension type rear + multi-link independent suspension composition, and optional functions can be variable suspension.

cash Volkswagen CC guide price Is 24.68-30.18 yuan, now has 4 million offer general, Starter Edition 200,000 to succeed, want to know when the first CC generation in the domestic price of the Audi A4L and the same Is obvious that public confidence Is how, and now Volkswagen CC has only a little bit of motion appearance, to tell the truth no new Camry to the pure, not the characterIstics of a particular aspect of Volkswagen CC might be the cause of difficulty in marketing it. How do you think of thIs Car?