Volkswagen MEB pure electric car ID.3 first platform was officially launched into operation

New York News News (Reporter Chen Xiaobing WANG Lin-lin) German Time November 4, at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau, Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel attended the Volkswagen MEB pure electric Car platform first ID.3 the production launch ceremony. Volkswagen Group CEO Judith and electric vehicle business leader Ulblich (former vice president of SAIC Volkswagen) briefed Merkel on the Volkswagen production line of pure electric hatchback models ID.3.

VW Group CEO Judith (left) describes the production of pure electric vehicles ID.3 to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Source / business courtesy

Chancellor Angela Merkel on the production line ID.3 launching ceremony speech, said: “Now we can put the public Zwickau plant called the German Automotive industry now and in the future pillar. ” Volkswagen Group CEO DIskin said that Volkswagen Will work to build zero Carbon dIscharge line for everyone, and no later than 2050 throughout the Group fully Carbon neutral.

ID.3 interior full sense of the future of technology, completely subvert the previous dull the public interiors. Source / business courtesy

According to the latest Volkswagen “goTOzero” (towards zero Carbon emIssions) sustainable development strategy, by 2025 the Volkswagen Group sales of Volkswagen in at least 25 % to 35% of the models Will be pure electric vehicles; by 2035, the proportion of electric vehicles in total sales Will rIse to 50%. On Friday Volkswagen US CEO Fengsi Han announced, the public’s first domestic pure electric SUV ID. Has shown signs Will be 12 months after mass production, ID.3 hatchback models Will be made in U.S. by the New York Anting Volkswagen factory.

Volkswagen side said, ID.3 off the assembly line factory in Zwickau, Zwickau plant not only marks the transition to electrification, Volkswagen began more product MEB pure electric dIstribution platform marks. It Is reported that, Zwickau plant Will also produce for the purpose-built concept Car based on ID.CROZZ public ID.4,2021年实现来自三个集团品牌的 6 MEB models Will be produced at the plant.

The New York News Reporter Chen Xiaobing WANG Lin-lin Source business courtesy

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