Volkswagen Is still the most beautiful model price 100,000 difficulty in marketing!

2011 Volkswagen CC since the introduction of the country, with charming Bottom, very beautiful appearance, borderless door hatchback styling and captured the super-more love powder, but also a change in the hearts of the mediocre Volkswagen , moderation stereotype, has become a model for sports commercial vehicles.

that Volkswagen CC sales also reflects the recognition of the market, the price of Passat and Magotan much higher, preferential Is not large, but it Is selling well, on sales of more than 6,000 units at every turn, but also to many competitors envy. But with the continuous development of the domestic Automobile market, more and more rational consumers, faced with more and more options, they are also more pragmatic in the choice of vehicles Will be taken into account appearance, performance, cost, etc., CC’s performance Is deteriorating. Although the period has gone through several facelift, especially in the United States in August 2019 lIsting of the new CC which takes the shape of the interpretation to the extreme, once again reinforces the title of the most beautiful models of the Volkswagen, but caused waves in the market Is thunder and heavy rain little.

In the past nine months, FAW – Volkswagen CC only sold less than 3,000 units, monthly sales even worse than the Passat Magotan or fraction 1-8 monthly sales of only 14,700 units, thIs performance on Volkswagen Cars in simply terrible.

about the advantages of the new CC Will not go into here, we talk about it today selling bad reasons:

interior old

and shape compared to full public style interior blowing from the sport kid into a white-collar business, If you do not see the appearance of thought or got into a Passat Magotan, although also joined some Carbon fiber trim lines, but still nothing new, matryoshka-like interior design makes fatigue.

out of space

in space, although the new CC has a 4862mm long Car and 2841mm wheelbase, rear legroom Is acceptable, but because fastback styling causing head spaceCramped, long ride in the back row Will affect comfort.

configuration reduces the

Also in the reduction with regard, the public made after the CC also so many consumers are dIsappointed. Before not yet lIsted, the United States overseas edition models Will be exposed four-wheel drive system, 8AT gearbox, adaptive suspension and other configurations, but the domestic market, these configurations on domestic consumers and we mIssed, and even with no maximum to enjoy such treatment.

shrink properties

Comparative foreign version, the gearbox replaced with the same magotan the wet double clutch gearbox 7-speed, dual-injection engine Is also less variable valve lift systems and technology, a lot of shrink properties, the new generation offers two different tuned CC 2.0T engine, wherein the maximum high-power version of the model power of 220 horsepower, far less than the 272 horsepower version of the US overseas, so apparently I’m sorry sports styling.

priced too high

In fact, the main reason Is the most regressive sales price, the new Volkswagen CC price of 25.28-30.98 yuan, consumers can not find any reason to buy it, buy cheap 5 universal Magotan, increased 1 universal buy Audi A4L, shortly before the Cadillac ATS-L have sold 180,000, VW sold 300,000 you not a joke.

Therefore, the Volkswagen CC had to cut prices, according to the current online offer point of view, the entry model 2020 models 330TSI Hua Yan version Is priced at 160,400, the maximum dIscount of around 80,000, while the top with models 2020 models offer up to 105,600 380TSI Yao Yan version, priced at only 196,200.

However, you want at such a low price to buy a new Car CC nude Is not possible, it must meet consumer items supporting dealers, including decorative forced to buy insurance, apply for a Car loan, to cover extended vehicle warranty costs, etc., theIf you are really interested to buy CC, then still have a local dealer for inquiry.

once the most beautiful Cars in the public Car now turned into an embarrassing presence, in front of CC road Is clearly more and more uncertain, only a stunning front face , frameless doors and fastback styling struggling to support. But domestic Cars continue to rIse, and interior styling and performance Car joint venture has been completely lost, how much consumers Will pay for it CC?

only came to a final sentence: “The poor can not afford, the rich look down.”