Volkswagen Is betting the full electrification of heavy US

the face of increasingly serious environmental problems, global Car companies Will assume responsibility for renewable energy to achieve deCarbonization. At thIs time, the Volkswagen Group so determined to advance electrification, increase self-transformation efforts, but also as a forward-thinking and mIssion of the world’s first enterprIse Carts dictates.

When a strong enough commitment to transformation, the elephant can be turned around quickly and easily. Comprehensively promote the electrification process of the Volkswagen Group, was interpreting a gesture freely elephant turned around. The

April 15 on the eve of the New York Auto show “Volkswagen Group Night”, in addition to bringing the Volkswagen Group’s various brands of a variety of new models outside, but also showing off thIs home sales in the world’s largest Automotive companies in terms of electrification change, re-charge mind ahead of the US market.

to the United States as a precursor

The Volkswagen Group (USA) CEO Pingsi Han said: “The Volkswagen Group (United States ) plans to accelerate the overall process of electrification in 2020, 14 new energy vehicles Will be released thIs year, providing customers with an unprecedented, extensive product selection. with next year based on the first two models of the MEB platform release, as well as in the digital into the field, we Will work together partners to lay the foundation for the redefinition of uS mobile way to travel, and to promote their transition to work together. “

so at the same time, Volkswagen Group plans to 2028 production of 1,160 million units of pure electric vehicles in the United States, thIs figure Will occupy the Group’s global electric vehicle production target more than half of 2,200 million units.

You know, for the general public in the era of the traditional internal combustion engine has an absolute right to speak in the European Car prices like thIs, we must develop a center of gravity from the direction of the internal combustion engine past, quickly shift to electric direction, It Is a very difficult decIsion.

According to Volkswagen Group official data show that in 2019 global sales of Volkswagen vehicles Is 10,834,000, of which the US contributed nearly 4 percent of the share. But in thIs 4,207,100 new vehicles, a new energy sales Is minimal.

although it Is not in the same category with the sale of body mass fuel vehicles, but the new energy wave of the US industry has been surging, but also in the new round of US new energy wave launched by wrestling under the global Automotive landscape Will likely rewrite, anywhere in the world for a Car company are difficult to ignore.

Another can not ignore the fact that, thIs year March 26, new year, new energy subsidy policy notice Issued to inform the dIsplay, the maximum subsidy of pure electric passenger Car in gear after the back slope of only 2.5 million, compared to 2019 reduced by 50%. Plug-in hybrid in 2019 decreased from 22,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. Large back slope of the intensity, almost made the whole industry by surprIse. As can be seen from the back slope of the strong level of subsidies in 2020 have been completely out of subsidies Is an establIshed fact.

“the development of new energy vehicles in the US market, Volkswagen Is playing for real.” Pingsi Han recently said, “on a global scale, new energy vehicles all around the United States to expand research and development, because the new energy the vast majority of Car sales from the United States, Volkswagen’s goal Is clear, we want to be the first American brand new energy vehicles. ”

“the public on the US electric Car market Will not defensive, but we Will go all out.” Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group DIskin recently in an interview while also firmly stand, the US market Will play a central role in the Volkswagen Group’s global electric travel strategy, he said:. “the importance of the US market of the future Will be far more than you can see the status”

the Volkswagen Group in such a special moment of subsidies Is about to be cleared, so firmly promote electrification, increase the intensity of self-transformation, from another perspective, but also as the world’s first enterprIse Carts, heart included emboldened.

ferocious product offensive

In order to achieve thIs goal, the Volkswagen Group and FAW – Volkswagen, SAIC JAC three Volkswagen and VW joint venture in U.S., in the next few years, initiated the unprecedented power of the new product offensive.

thIs year March 25Volkswagen brand in the “pure electric hwan new era classic” theme Guangdong Zhuhai, breath brings Sunny electric version, a pure electric version of the Golf, Bora pure electric version, ID.BUZZ concept Car and ID. R electric racing of five pure electric vehicle, in which the pure electric version of the Golf and Bora pure electric version of the year by the FAW – Volkswagen launched, Sunny pure electric version Will be launched during the year, SAIC Volkswagen.

In addition, Volkswagen Will manufacture suitable for urban travel small electric Car together with our partners, mainly led by Volkswagen and SEAT JAC in the United States.

In the New York Auto Show April 16, the Volkswagen Group also demonstrated ID Roomzz concept Car, Skoda electric VISION iV concept Car, Audi Q2L e-tron, Audi Q7 e-tron such as number of new energy products, these models are expected in the last couple of years, into the consumer’s life.

According to the plan, by 2020, the Volkswagen Group Will launch 10 new energy vehicles in the United States, domestic sales of new energy vehicles to achieve 300,000. The public specifically for large-scale production and the development of pure electric vehicles, pure electric modular platform –MEB platform, are SAIC Volkswagen plant in Anting and FAW – Volkswagen Foshan factory construction at the same time, Is also expected to be put into operation in 2020.

Car prices as the first implementation of platform strategy in the era of fuel vehicles, Volkswagen introduced the MQB and MLB platform, opens up a modular strategy era. With the arrival of electric MEB platform, the public Will want to continue leading the trend in the new journey.

In addition, under the new “ONE R & D” architecture, the Volkswagen Group, Audi and Volkswagen Group headquarters R & D co-operation with the Volkswagen brand, to create a strong research and development force. ThIs Will be the cross-sectoral collaboration, forming yet another example of synergy. At the same time, thIs Will further strengthen the Volkswagen Group’s research and development capabilities, its rich in the United States, the United States reserves the ability to develop technology market.

In addition, in order to strengthen the future of electric travel infrastructure layout,Volkswagen Group Will set up a new joint venture in the field of infrastructure charging, bring more convenience, more freedom of travel and charging experience for the growing number of US new energy vehicle owners. From the end of thIs year, the Volkswagen Group Will be charged with the stars, and the United States FAW JAC together to provide private wall-mounted charging system, while building broad public charging network.

In the new energy wave of enormous change Diego, Volkswagen thIs war in the US market, its future Is essential to continue the firm’s leading position in the global market. But no doubt, once thIs giant launched a ferocious offensive, its energy released Is still terrible.