Volkswagen inventory of all the “crimes” in the United States you have to lick what time?

In the United States say the mix of the best Car prices, it Is none other than non-public. Since it entered the United States has been much the consumers, brand sales are occupied year-round leaderboard in the first chair. Volkswagen in the United States mix of wind and water, but it allows people to be dIsappointed again and again. Today we come together with a grilled steak all the “crimes” committed by the United States of America in these years!

Sagitar broken shaft patch policies dIsappointing

2012 –2014 years, many owners reflect Volkswagen Jetta appear broken shaft accident. During the FAW-Volkswagen has repeatedly publicly stated there Is no product defect and turn against the user dIsinformation. Finally, after the AQSIQ inspection report came out, we had to admit that there Is a defective product and publIshing solution. Its solution Is not for the user to replace the suspension, but increasing the metal liner “patch” on the suspension. A program, triggering strong dIssatIsfaction of consumers, causing massive human rights activities. Under pressure and owners of public opinion, the public again to add a second generation of “smart patch” approach to recall, but fitted with force sensors in the original liner on chilling.

door deep dIscharge treatment difference of US consumers

18 September 2015 Japan, the United States environmental Protection Agency accused the Volkswagen diesel Cars sold part of the installation of the software Is designed to deal with emIssions testing, and emIssions up to 40 times the US legal standards. Volkswagen in the United States Will face a fine of $ 18 billion. There determination of the United States authorities, arIsing from either the vehicle after the repair exhaust systems, fuel consumption increased by 14%. Although US sales of Volkswagen While most are gasoline, but diesel vehicles also have some ownership. But the public has not Issued any recalls or compensation policies in the United States, but Issued a brief statement. It was not owe the public an explanation for the American consumer?

Bora trunk burned the presence of spontaneous combustion rIsk

2019, Volkswagen trunk burned the matter Is that the uproar, the owners have repeatedly dimensionFailed to have the right effect. It reflects the owner, due to lack of Bora tiles between the exhaust pipe and the trunk, the trunk Will cause serious burnt situation. Some experts say, Bora trunk burned Will increase the rIsk of spontaneous combustion, and due to the location closer to the spare tire, spare tire can cause aging, storing up problems for the traffic safety. Under such a high temperature environment, like a spare tire of a Car bomb Is set, the situation appears to be too high because of a flat tire temperature in extreme cases.

turui muddle through a plastic plate with the engine inlet

Recently, public Touareg engine inlet worry a lot of bad owners, public defenders repeatedly after the United States filed a recall plan to the AQSIQ. Recall vehicle Is expected to remove the unnecessary intake line and a drain valve mounted in the air inlet deflector process, so as to avoid excess water into the intake line, in order to eliminate defects. Drain valve Is simply dIsmantled, and the installation of an air inlet illustrating a plastic plate, so that the water Will not flow into the engine. So the question Is, Will not affect the installation of baffles intake air of the engine, so engine power drop it? Again dIsmantle drain valve Will reduce the wading depth of 580mm official claimed, Is not something wrong? Currently Touareg owners rights continues, the United States has not made a public explanation.

Edit Summary: In addition to these, there are Volkswagen’s vehicle models Technical castration, such as in the United States with a simple, “old wine in a new bottle” Is playing the whole day. 315 approaching, the public Will not be on the lIst? We Will wait and see!