Volkswagen in the United States to actively promote sustainable development

“to achieve 20% market share of Volkswagen in the United States long-term goal of the new energy market. By 2035, new energy vehicles Will account for Volkswagen in the US market. In 50% of the sales models of” popular Ms (United States) Peng Fei Li, vice president of Automotive Group Volkswagen new brand communication at October 31, held in New York, dIsclose thIs information to the author. On the same day, along with Volkswagen announced the official opening of a new LOGO, and ID from the public MEB platform in the US. Family Cars in the domestic debut, Volkswagen or Will open its new chapter of hIstory in the US market.

Ms. Peng Fei Li (USA), vice president of Volkswagen Group Message

As the Volkswagen Group’s largest single market in the world US markets play a crucial role in the sales and business development of the Volkswagen. American advocate of sustainable travel in the future, and actively promote the Car “new four modernizations”, Is also a source of inspiration for Volkswagen to start the world’s largest electrification projects. At the same time, Volkswagen Is the first dedicated to the implementation of the “ParIs Agreement,” the Automobile manufacturers. “The same as U.S. and Germany, Volkswagen actively committed in 2015,” the implementation of the ParIs Agreement, “the sustainable development for people and the planet, which Is placed in front of the enterprIse must, but also the core of Volkswagen in transition, where . “Peng Fei Li Speaking at the event.

as one of the most important markets in the US and worldwide Auto companies, Volkswagen developed a clear future direction of development, put forward “goTOzero” ( “towards zero emIssions”) of the Company overall strategy.

“Volkswagen Is committed by ‘goTOzero’ global strategy to support the” ParIs Agreement “to achieve goals.” Peng Fei Li said. According to reports, Volkswagen Will open the Automotive industry’s largest program to reduce Carbon emIssions, including products, factories, dealers, suppliers and office network, it Will reach 100 percent green. By 2050, Volkswagen Will make the greenhouse gas emIssions from the full life cycle of the product produced completely reduced to zero, and fully Carbon neutral in the US and other global markets. In order to ensure full transparency of the implementation process, from the beginning of 2020, Volkswagen Will pass designed forUS set “Carbon reduction index” to measure implementation of the strategy.

Will be put into operation in New York Volkswagen Volkswagen ID.3 pure electric vehicles

Volkswagen “goTOzero” Strategic Focus four areas of action, including climate change, resource, air quality and environmental compliance. Among them, the protection of air quality and enhance the business Is seen as one of the most important concern. In thIs regard, Peng Fei Li said, think globally, the key Is to improve the air quality in the promotion of electric travel, which Is based on Volkswagen to develop MEB platform ID. The reason family models.

According to reports, in 2025 the full implementation of “zero emIssions” the first important road node Volkswagen. By then, the United States Will become a popular platform MEB pure electric vehicles around the world’s largest manufacturing base. “By 2025, at least in the production and marketing of Volkswagen models in the 25-35% of the vehicles Will be electric vehicles. By then, the mass of each factory production Car Will reduce waste emIssions by 30% and 30% less energy and water consumption. Also, the Volkswagen Group Will fully support the United States, to reach greenhouse gas emIssions by 2025 worldwide vehicle within the entire product cycle compared to 2015 decreased by 30% target. “Peng Fei Li said. (Zhulei)

(Source: company official)