Volkswagen ID.R US Tianmen Mountain Challenge countdown

Economic Times – US economic net August 30 hearing Volkswagen brand “compete for the Future: Volkswagen ID.R US Tianmen Mountain Challenge” preparatory work has entered the final stage. September 2, Volkswagen ID.R Will climb the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie Babel Avenue, turn challenges on the Hill, “one of the most challenging roads in the world” in thIs known, aims to create the first write the Hill The official record of the electric Car category. ID.R class transport from Central Europe by the Hamburg column to Chongqing, after more than 11,000 kilometers, by road and finally arrived in the Challenge Tour destination – Tianmenshan.

Volkswagen Motorsport Is ready day and night before a match, August 31, ID.R track testing Will begin for the first time in a total length of 10,906 meters on the challenge stage. Volkswagen brand aims to pioneer the challenge to demonstrate its initiatives in the field of racing sport. ID.R drivers Romain Dumas said: “a written record in Tianmen, for racing purposes Will be an extraordinary challenge for information about thIs track Is very limited, we need depth in a very short period of time. Learn here, and as always, go all out. “

in just a few days, Romain Dumas Will need to prestigious Tianmenshan” 99 bends ” line lies at the heart, the challenge has quietly opened. Volkswagen Motorsport Is also facing similar challenges: the only information based on previously gathered a field vIsit, the team needs to complete the estimate of ID.R configuration, optimization of vehicle chassIs settings and determine the best route. In addition, given the special nature of Tianmen as a famous tourIst attraction, road closures allow test run time only a few hours. Sven Smeets Volkswagen Motorsport Director, said: “The situation ID.R US Tianmenshan challenge facing the other has never been a very special racing here on a similar attempt, however, enrich our experienced team. ability to complete outstanding work within the limited preparation time. So we are full of expectations, with respect to Tianmenshan threw himself into the challenge in thIs. “

U.S. Tianmenshan optimized specifically for the configuration scheme

in the past 14 months, ID.R been embrace by a number of records on many difficult track in Europe and the United States on behalf of Volkswagen. For the United States Tianmenshan features, Volkswagen Motorsport Is ID.R optimized configuration. For example, the ID.R have slightly higher ground clearance to cope with the ups and downs Tianmen Mountain highway road track. Babel Avenue climb from 200 m to 1300 m above sea level, for ID.R uses the same time broke the record last year Pikes Peak aerodynamic package. The maximum pressure generated by the large rear wing Is greater than the curb weight of the vehicle, even in the relatively rarefied air of high altitude stage, still can bring better handling on narrow, winding roads for the drivers, and up to 500 full ID.R kW (680 hp) of maximum power.

to provide the best performance of the battery management system on the

Tianmenshan the challenge, ID.R the with a battery management system can provide the strongest performance for racing, thIs summer has to break the German Nurburgring Nordschleife record electric Car category and the UK Goodwood tournament record Is the best example. Lithium ID.R employed by 8 modules, each module 56 comprIses a cell, capable of providing the highest possible output power at short sprint. The battery divided into two parts, which are located near the rear of the driver and unibody. Charging link has also been optimized, Volkswagen Motorsport innovative ultra-low emIssion generator as glycerol ID.R supply. To reduce the heat when the battery charging using an external quick charging system relatively low output power of 90 kilowatts, the charging Is completed in 20 minutes. In addition, ID.R can rely on brake energy recovery supplement electricity in the process of moving.

“ID.R compete for the Future” game caused concern

designed for the Volkswagen brand ID.R United States Tianmen Mountain challenge to create a game “ID.R compete for the future” since the line has caused widespread concern. Between August 20 to 27, the game has entered the racing game ranking 200 models Apple Store US DIstrict before ten. Through a series of fierce competition, winning three stages of the game the player has been generated, they are about to leave for the scene, in September 1 in TianmenGames finals start competing. By then, the players Will operate three game winning professional racing simulator, using a variety of techniques, to compete in the virtual track champion. The final winner created virtual record, Will be the goal September 2 drivers Romain Dumas in the real challenge to be shocks.

Source: Economic Times – US Economic Net