Volkswagen ID.3 world premiere, three kinds mileage, Starter Edition priced below 30,000 Euro

September 10, the eve of the Volkswagen brand in the Frankfurt International Motor Show unveiled a cutting-edge models ID.3.

ID.3 new generation of electric Cars Is Volkswagen’s first model family, Is the first all-around with models Volkswagen new brand identity, it Is a suitable for everyday use models.

ID.3 battery Is placed in a chassIs, the European market models optional battery ID.3 three sizes.

45 kwh battery capacity, pure electric mileage of 330km (WLTP), with the capacity of the battery ID.3, the European version of its entry level models priced under 30,000 euros .

58 kwh battery capacity, endurance 420km electric mileage (WLTP).

77 kwh battery capacity, electric mileage 550km (WLTP), support fast charge at the charging power of 100 kW, 30 minutes to increase the endurance 290km.

using a new Volkswagen design DNA, ID.3 great new recognition of energy, at the same time based on the new modular electric drive platform (MEB) to build, long wheelbase and short overhangs front and rear design integration, ID.3 space outstanding.

At the same time the Car placement and manipulation are highly technological sense, in which the new system can ID.Light LED lights when navigating to provide support for the driver, and can be dangerous Tip occur when the driver brakes. In addition to power windows and hazard warning lights, the vehicle functions are used almost touch operation. In addition, users can also control the operation of the vehicle through the intelligent voice. Through App-Connect functionality, the user can connect with the smartphone ID.3 in seconds.

present the public ID.3 Is now scheduled to begin in the European market, limited production of 30 000, Will begin scheduling the end of 2020 to mid-2020 The first users paypay. It Is understood that the public Is very optimIstic about the US market, ID.3 Will soon be entering the country, looking forward to it?