Volkswagen ID.3, since the birth of the largest car trouble car?

related to the topic of new energy vehicles, it Is always filled with a variety of variables.

whether the repairer of the new forces in the head Tesla, Wei to Car about, or the transformation of traditional Car companies Mercedes-Benz, Audi, they are in the process of new Cars released encountered delays pushed back the situation.

Today, such a situation the new electric Car sequence ID in public. Series began to appear.

rumors: the highest daily test error 300

In August 2020, Volkswagen’s first smart Car series -ID.3 models Will usher in the market, and now it’s lIsted as well as from less than six months. However, German media once again gives the relevant question about the ID.3.

reports from the German “manager magazin” Is dIsplayed, before the lIsting Is currently undergoing final commIssioning of public ID.3, encountered a large number of software BUG (up to a day can be found in more than 300), despite the public gathered a “million technical team” to repair, but the day Is still a steady stream of BUG emerge. Affected by thIs, the public Is likely to delay ID.3 3-12 months on the market.

mechanIstically ID. Series models, thIs Is not a fantasy.

VW’s Audi’s first electric Car, the Audi e-tron had at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, over twice postponed the delivery time, the reason that: Audi to improve the user experience and the software has been adjusted, the Federal Transit AdminIstration require (KBA) re-certification, and production capacity reasons.

from the mechanIsm model Audi e-tron belongs conversion research and development on fuel vehicle MLB internet pure electric vehicle, which software realize many functions, belonging to overweight on the functions of the traditional fuel vehicles that can be achieved. But, even so, new products or software problems encountered level, eventually causing the vehicle to be postponed.

VW ID.3 different from the Audi e-tron, which Is the public MEB’s first product platform, which means that it Is not the function of presenting the traditional fuel vehicles overweight, but iterative techniques.

From 2016 first proposed the concept of ID so far, about the new features ID.3, mainly as follows:

1. mass latest driver assIstance functions, including emergency braking, pedestrian monitoring, lane keeping, lane change assIstance, a parking assIstance system and a rear view;

2. the functions with intelligent lighting, Car lights, can communicate via the driver and passenger, such as into the wrong lane, deceleration alert;.

3 reduction ECU (vehicle number control unit), so that the electronic control system Is more concentrated. The more than 70 ECU Fuel Car reduced to 3-5 core of high-performance on-board computing platform, which Will be 3-5 HPC Volkswagen newly developed “vw.OS” Car centralized control system, and ultimately connect to Volkswagen cloud. And, above all, the mostly completed by the Volkswagen.

Clearly, the third point of difference, and the biggest problem belongs ID.3 Volkswagen transition to face. Because it Is too ambitious electrical and electronic architecture for Automotive companies, technical difficulty Is high.

Mass ID.3 and VW.OS problem

Mass ID.3 technical problems in that the height of the integrated control unit, from more than 70 or even hundreds of the control unit ECU, 3 = 5 integrated into a high-performance computing platform, and ultimately controlled by a unified mass VW.OS vehicle system.

and VW.OS the project has only just begun in early 2020, Volkswagen Is expected to recruit 5,000 people for related research and development, and plans to the Volkswagen-house developed software Is not from the current 10% to 60%.

Clearly, both to streamline the vehicle ECU, also, or Will the public self-developed software from less than 10% Increase to more than 60% of the face amount of work Will be astronomical.

at the earliest to market and achieve good sales of the NIssan LEAF, for example, in 2010, the NIssan LEAF to the market in 2020 for dIsmantling in Nikkei when, LEAF the ECU using about 30; when dIsmantling paragraph 2015 Tesla Model S, 15 vehicles ECU. The future development trend of electric vehicles, integrated control Is undoubtedly the main line, but has the advantage of leading Tesla, one thing Is already explained, the height of the vehicle integration, to be built on the basIs of the computing power can match. Today, vehicles can meet the regulatory standards of the vehicle on-board chip level, not in the hands in the hands of Volkswagen, only Tesla and Geely hundred million coffee through self-development experience and technology with the results.

From the software and system development level, Volkswagen faced with the problem more difficult.

in-vehicle system level, the public’s MIB systems at the technical level belong to the middle level of the industry, belong to people I have, but not excellent. In 2012, GEN1 first generation MIB system release, can be achieved features include a multimedia player, Bluetooth phone, vehicle control and other functions; after 2015, GEN2 second generation MIB system release, compared with the first generation, function presents comparIsons the big difference Is that the support MirrorLink smartphone mapping.

The third generation MIB system, to enter the US market in 2019, but until 2020, six months after the Car was able to achieve a real sense of networking, to achieve a vehicle to get through the online network linking with a certain amount of online navigation, on-line entertainment, voice recognition function.

vehicle system features three US Internet giant BAT’s (split traditional, non-integrated), for example, also be able to see the updated software to achieve self-development and in-vehicle systems, faced with What kind of workload.

Ali’s zebra system, set up in July 2015, one year after the 2016 July, the first equipped with zebra system models officially lIsted, the Department ofSystems allow the vehicle to achieve an online navigation, entertainment and other functions, and through the voice of a certain operation; after one year and six months, the iterative version of the line, an increase of functional simulation scenarios dialogue human interaction; 1 year seven months later, the third major version update Is complete, the system adds more active push AI scene.

Tencent’s All in Car system, in November 2019 officially launched, the first upgrade in November 2019, the service ecosystem initially completed;

Google’s DuerOS system, officially launched in July 2019, July 2020, eight months after the interval, to achieve a major upgrade on an iterative version.

above, three belong to BAT holding massive resources of the Internet giant, which in R & D, landing, cloud, computing power have far more reserves related to Volkswagen and Is performed with respect to the public VW.OS integrated simpler split structure, also it requires a lot of time to complete commIssioning, achieved floor. In addition, we Will also continue to encounter a bug in the application, and a new version of the iteration Is complete repair.

Written in the last:

a lIst of what Volkswagen ID.3 problems to face, including Car rules match-on-chip, development and landing onboard system, ECU solve highly integrated, problem-solving clouds, and so on and so forth. Even the CEO denied DIskin stakeholders, can not avoid these problems.

Clearly, the challenges faced by the public itself Will be immeasurable, the US Internet giant BAT, even Tesla so well versed in thIs business can not solve the short-term.

Should, Volkswagen Is not resolved before the Issue of thIs series, it Will ID.3 quickly into the market, the first model the fate of thIs platform Will be MEB very twIsts and turns.

Perhaps thIs Will be the Volkswagen, the largest Car even since the birth of fault models.

Of course, the final answerAnnounced, it Is whether it Will postpone the lIsting, delaying the delivery of its products and whether they may be attributed to the second best tradition, reduce the difficulty.